TAPPI Connect Launch

People, people gather round for the news you have all been waiting for. TAPPI Connect is officially launching on Monday, August 15.

This is how things are going to work. First off TAPPI Connect is an online resource for members, non-members and volunteers to collaborate share knowledge, problem solve and expand their personal and professional networks.

This centralized platform enhances membership and volunteer recruitment, allows for real-time communication, and holds valuable content for committee collaboration.

In short this means that anyone that is involved with TAPPI or any of the industries has the opportunity to bring the conference, meeting or course online. Each TAPPI Division and Committee has its own place within the site and it is there for you. Anything you need to know, want to learn, or just want to chat about is now at your fingertips.

Each of the 13 Divisions are open to all for viewing, discussing and browsing the library. If you are not a member or not involved in a committee just yet but you are hoping to get more involved with a little more information this is the place for you to test the waters before taking your cannonball in.

If you are involved in committees and wish to stay in on the know this is the place for you. No need to worry about having a question go unanswered until the next meeting or event. Take that question straight to your committee community where anyone in your committee can give you what you need in the blink of an eye.

If we must say, it is Facebook for your Industry, Division and Committees then that is what we will say. For anyone like me that needs an extra helping hand to get things started with something new, we will have TAPPI Help and How To videos located throughout TAPPI Connect for assistance. No one is a lone ranger left behind here, we want to make sure everyone gets off and running full force into this resource.

Go over and check it out now, to get a feel for things. Even create and populate your profile to get things started and feel free to post away. Questions, answers, whatever: you got them we want them.

If there are any questions on how things work you can reach me at [email protected] or by phone at (770) 209-7228. Better yet start up a discussion thread.

Tell us what you think on our social media at Join TAPPI on Facebook, TAPPITWEETS on Twitter or TAPPI Member Group on Linkedin.

Or even better let us know at TAPPI Connect.