The majority of U.S. consumers value paper and disagree with digital-only communications

For some reason every time a company tells me they will email me my receipt, I cringe a little inside. I think, “Well okay but why don’t you just print it out now. However despite my feelings I nod, smile and say, “Okay great” and go about my day. Then I start thinking about all the articles I have read about the pros/cons of ‘going paperless’. Well I am one of those people that keep receipts for a while to look back and see what cost what and how much I spent.

Oh man, do those people even exist anymore? Well that’s me and I have no idea why I do it or what good I think is going to come of it, it’s just something I do. The same as reading on a tablet, you will not catch me reading on any type of device for fun. I would much rather have the book there, physically in my hand flipping through and getting excited to see what’s on the next page instead of endlessly scrolling or thumbing my life away on some device.

Total side story and a little off the hinges but I am a Web Marketing Specialist and I can’t stand to be on any electronic devices outside of work. I know crazy, right?

These are my thoughts on going paperless outside of my crazy obsession with receipts and paperback books: paper is biodegradable. Paper is made from trees a sustainable resource. Trees provide jobs. And paper can be recycled. I don’t understand the super aggressive articles and advertisements saying if you don’t go paperless you’re a hypocritical tree killer. We are all entitled to our own opinion and that’s great but it seems to me like more than not people are swaying towards the GO PAPER side. According to this Two Sided North America article, results of a new survey conducted by Toluna Inc. show that a majority of Americans want to retain a choice for paper options rather than be forced into “digital-only” communications.

See what most people think and why: The majority of U.S. consumers value paper and disagree with digital-only communications

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