There will always be a place for Paper!

There will always be a place for paper, even in these times of total technology takeover. As shown in a study by The Pew Research Center the craving to read actual printed books has not slowed since everything EBook in 2012.

Yes, you can get just about anything on a screen to take with you everywhere but the art of snuggling up with a good printed book still exists. No matter how firmly you stand by screen reading, I will always firmly stand by both and this new study shows exactly that.

In this New York Times article you can see the breakdown of print versus screen readers and they both have their place in the world.

Turns out that this survey was taking over the telephone according to the article; I wonder if this was home phones with 6 foot cords or those little things that are sitting on your desk or that you might even be reading off of now. What are those little things called again? Oh yeah cellphones.

It could have been both types of phones, we all know no one answers their phone anymore; sounds like to me it should have been a text survey and more replies would have been made. No matter how the survey was given you best bet that paper isn’t going to become obsolete in the world of books. Printed books are here to stay. Home phones and phones calls in general, that is another story.

Read the article here:

No, the Internet Has Not Killed the Printed Book. Most People Still Prefer Them.

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