Think Outside the Box

Summer, it’s all about fun, friends and new adventures but sometimes parents and kids get into the summer slump. It is just easier to turn on Despicable Me for the hundredth time instead of try something new or take a trip that will break the bank. I remember as a kid every year as the last day of school bell rang there was a since of freedom and excitement of what the next few months of summer would bring. The first few weeks were jam packed with traveling and hanging out with my best buds but soon mom and dad got busy, the budget got thin and the excitement wore off.

Parents, Grandparent, Aunts, Uncles, Babysitter: your savior is here. Yes, that’s right it’s a cardboard box.

Check these awesome things that you and the kids can do with some simple corrugated packaging boxes.

Give it a quick Google; there are many more ways to spice this summer up with a few boxes, a little cheap fun and your imagination.

Not to mention that the kids will think you are the coolest ever. It really is more than just a box.

Read how below.

31 things to do with a cardboard box for kids