Type as you go search - Googles Autocomplete

Having trouble using the search bar? The updated ‘type as you go’, autocomplete search is now implemented into our site.  


Ever used Google before? Considering Google is now a verb in the Oxford English Dictionary – what is considered to be the most authoritative dictionary of the English language – I would guess so. When typing in google search we’ve all noticed how it finishes our sentences for us. In conversation cases this can be annoying and most of the time completely off the wall but in the case of search it is a must.


When you begin to type on the new and improved TAPPI search, much like google, it will offer you suggestions before you’ve even finished typing. This suggestion search is based off of a popularity standpoint, so the most searched will be the first suggestion and so on and so forth. Anything that is on the site can now be searched easily and more accurately. So get to searching, the more you search the better our autocomplete system will work. Want to make your search the most popular? The biggest kid on the playground? Then start your search now and check it out. 

Go ahead give it a try, you know you wanna. 

Everything seems to be coming together and we hope this is making the site more user friendly for us all.

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