You haven’t seen a ‘Paper Cut’ until you’ve seen this

Ouch! Paper cuts are literally the smallest yet deadliest thing to happen to the human hand. But this carpenter takes paper cuts to the next level.

Carpenter John Heisz replaced his saw blade with a single sheet of printer paper and remarkably, it cuts through wood. His experiment has no real purpose or practical application but it is pretty amazing. Heisz starts by shaping the paper into a round blade-like shape and replacing the normal very sharp metal blade with the paper.

You can see when he is placing the single sheet of paper into the saw how flimsy it is and you’re probably thinking wow, this is going to be as unsuccessful as it looks. Heisze flips the switch and starts by cutting another sheet of paper. Just like magic the new blade slices the paper in two with crazy clean lines and little to no damage to the paper saw.

Heisz steps his game up a little by attempting to cut through cardboard with the printer paper saw. In no time the cardboard is sliced, diced and owned by this paper saw.

Now remember this is just an ordinary sheet of printer paper, no special treatment or anything out of the ordinary was added. To make this even more astounding the paper was very moist considering the heat and humidity.

Without hesitation Heisz attempts to cut through a piece of wood with his newly created saw.. drum roll please!! IT WORKS. The wood is finished off.

No this isn’t going to become a part of the Olympics in 2020 or is it the best way to make cuts but we can say it might take the bronze metal for style.

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