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BASF Chemetall Opens New Laboratory in Querétaro, México (3/27/2018)
New laboratory will facilitate cutting-edge simulation and product development, and will further strengthen the position of Chemetall as global supplier of choice for the surface treatment industry.
Solimar Systems Joins Two Sides to Help Bust Myths About Print and Paper
Solimar Systems Joins Two Sides to Help Bust Myths About Print and Paper Solimar Systems, Inc. (San Diego, Calif., USA) an innovative global solutions provider empowering critical communications
In Defense of Flushable Wipes (4/19/2018)
In Defense of Flushable Wipes (4/19/2018) Study after study of what exactly is in the accumulations of material on screens in wastewater collection systems reveals a consistent result. Nearly half
Corrugated Packaging Past Award Winners
Corrugated Packaging Awards Division Technical Award and Harry J. Bettendorf Prize 2019: Thomas Staal 2018: Stephen Schmidt 2017:  Jon Porter 2016: Rick Putch 2015: Benjamin Frank  2014: Richard P.
Environmental Past Award Winners
Environmental Awards Technical Award and Roy F. Weston Prize 2019: Mike Curtis 2018: Tim Hunt 2017: Paul S. Wiegand 2016:Michael E. Franklin 2015: Daniel A. Curry 2014: Arun V. Someshwar 2013:
Finishing & Converting Past Award Winners
Finishing & Converting Awards Technical Award and Thomas W. Busch Prize 2004: None Presented 2003: None Presented 2002: None Presented 2001: James Keith Good 2000: R. Duane Smith 1999: Robert G.
International Flexible Packaging and Extrusion Division Past Award Winners
International Flexible Packaging and Extrusion Division Awards Technical Award & Samuel Zweig or Rohm and Haas Prize 2018: Rory A. Wolf 2016: Dr. Mika O. Vähä-Nissi 2014: Daniel R. Ward 2012: Guenter
PIMA Past Award Winners
Mill Manager of the Year 2001 Douglas Daniels, Sappi Fine Paper North America 2002 Larry Newell, Liberty Paper 2003 Richard D. Arnold, Nexor Fraser Papers Inc. 2004 Jack Carter, SP Newsprint 2005 
Process & Product Quality Division Past Award Winners
Process & Product Quality Awards Technical Award & Richard S. Hunter Prize 2021: Jeff Lundeen 2020: M. Todd Popson  2009: John Walkinshaw  2008: None Presented 2007: Derek Page 2006: None Presented
Pulp Manufacture Past Award Winners
Pulp Manufacturing Awards Division Technical Award - Johan C. F. C. Richter Prize 2021: Not Presented 2020: Peter W. Hart  2019: Not Presented 2018: Alan Rudie 2017: Not Presented 2016: Jorge

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