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TAPPI Journal Submit & Author and Style Guidelines
Submit to TAPPI Journal TAPPI Journal's stringent peer-review process ensures that each issue contains the highest-quality, most relevant research. All papers submitted must pass peer review before
Overview TAPPI publications provide invaluable information to professionals working in the global pulp and paper industry, forest products industry and related industries. Alongside TAPPI’s
Binders - Latex Butadiene-Based Latex Binders
This Webinar was hosted by the TAPPI Nonwovens Engineers & Technologists Division and Binders & Additives Community on July 26, 2012.
Boost Mill Wide Productivity with a Common Language Approach
This webinar is about how pulp and paper mills need to evolve from their current "craft" based to a "data" based operation. This data based operation will lead to view the overall mill process as a unified system.
Corona and Plasma Surface Treatments The Opportunities
Corona and Plasma Surface Treatments The Opportunities This webinar addresses the roots of surface treatment challenges for polymeric, metallic, and composite materials, and identifies the corona
Drying and Profiling Efficiency of Steam Profilers
Dr. Nuyan is Vice President of Pulp and Paper Applications NA at Valmet. He has held previous positions in R&D, product management and support, sales and marketing support, applications and business management throughout his career with Valmet (formerly Metso).
Biofilm Control in Papermaking Webinar
This webinar will discuss: How to recognize the problems caused by biofilms, Understanding how biofilms are formed, Develop an understanding of the strategies used to control biofilm formation, & Identify the steps required to design and implement a biofilm control program.
High performance cement via cellulose nanocrystal addition
High performance cement via cellulose nanocrystal addition Presented by: Professor Jeffery Youngblood, Purdue University A brief review of cement and its chemistry will be presented so that current
Preventing Dissolving Tank Explosions
This webinar is presented by Jeff Butler and John Weikmann, Valmet
Evaluation of LLDPE Sealants and Structures for Ultrasonic Sealing
Ultrasonic sealing is an emerging technology that offers potential cost savings to flexible packaging converters through increased line speeds, narrower seals and reduced leakers. Most polyethylenes, coextruded films or laminates that can be conductive or heat sealed can also be ultrasonically welded. However, the mechanical forces required in ultrasonic sealing can weaken films.