Papier 2017 - Contemporary Art Fair

Papier 2017 - Contemporary Art fair will be held April 21 - 23 and for the 10th year, this art fair is dedicated exclusively to the paper medium. 

The world of art mediums are endless. Today, we see artists turning something quite ordinary into something unbelievably extraordinary. Even the most spectacular creations can be made with two dimensional paper. 

Papier 2017 does just that. The Art Fair will showcase prints, drawings, collages, installations, photographs and more all from paper. Papier is dedicated to showcasing the possibilities that paper offers through art and expression. 

It is no surprise and we can all say this is probably the billionth time we have heard this but in a world moving rapidly to digital it is nice to see yet another expression of the importance of paper and reusable materials.  

Yes, paper is considered a traditional medium of art but the creations that are still coming out of paper are anything but traditional.  
For its 10th anniversary, Papier will feature 39 Canadian art galleries and nearly 300 artists. 

Check out the video of what's to come below:  

Quebec Original