TAPPI Connect Committee of the Month

Connect Open Forum

Do you have any questions for the Women in Industry Committee? Any stories or highlights?


Starting this month we are going to be highlighting a committee in the TAPPI Connect Open Forum every other month. Each committee will be recognized, involved in the community, and engage further with their peers.

Let’s give a warm welcome to our first Committee of the Month: Women in Industry

For more information or to get involved reach out to any of the Committee Leadership:

  • Division Chair: Pamela Cowan, Pulmac Systems
  • Vice Chair/Program Committee Chair: Heather Jennings, Probiotic Solutions
  • Career Tools and Engagement Committee Chair: Maja Mejsner, PMP
  • Benchmarking Committee Chair: Paula Hajakian, USG
  • Celebrating Women Leaders/Awards Committee Chair: Terri Robinson, Voith

To kick this month of Women in Industry off we would like to recognize the committee for some of the work that they have done in the past:

1st Annual Women’s Summit Co-Located with PaperCon 2018
Past Women in Industry webinars can be found here
The division held an informal networking hour at PEERs 2018
Lastly we wanted to mention some of the upcoming events and projects that the WIN committee have:

The Program Committee is currently planning for the 2nd Annual Women’s Summit to be held May 9th in Indianapolis, IN in conjunction with PaperCon 2019.
The Engagement and Career Tools Committee is currently working to promote a patch program with the Girl Scouts of America. The Paper Scientist patch would be given to Girls who have participated in an education expo with a local paper mill or school. The patch program began with the Girls Scout of Maine and Sappi, and in 2018 TAPPI’s Women in Industry division volunteers began collaboration to bring the patch to a wider audience of girls. The volunteers are working to plan at least two expos for early 2019.
The Division is also planning a series of webinars for 2019, details and dates will be announced in early 2019. The division hosted 2 roundtable discussions at TAPPI’s 2019 Student Summit.
The division will continue its annual panel, reception, and meetings at PaperCon 2019
The Benchmarking Committee is continuing to gather statistics and metrics from various paper schools regarding the retention and involvement of women in these degree programs
The Celebrating Women Leaders Committee is reviewing the nominations for the 2019 Woman of the Year and working to highlight women leaders and allies throughout the year.