Have you ever had one of those road trips that you were so excited about and so exhausted at the same time? Eric Fletty and I had one such trip the week after Thanksgiving. This is a picture of my file from a trip to visit our TAPPI Pacific Section, Port Townsend Paper, the University of Washington, NIPPON DYNAWAVE Packaging Company, NORPAC, KAPSTONE Kraft Paper Corporation, Oregon State University and multiple dinners with Paper Industry Professionals from all over the PNW.

As this photo demonstrates these folks love Paper!

This great adventure started with a phone call set up by TAPPI’s own Tanya Hickson, to our Pacific Section leadership and spread like wildfire to multiple locations.

My hat goes off to Tanya and Bob Russell; Sales/Service Representative for VOITH Paper Fabric & Roll Systems, Inc. (A word of warning, never ask Bob to help you out if you do not want to run with the Big Dogs!) Bob has endless energy and knows everyone in the Pacific Northwest.

Our mission was to listen to our members and find ways that TAPPI could provide more value to our members. We were looking for ways to better support our Student Chapter at the University of Washington and their Foundation, as well as try to help our Student Chapter at OSU become stronger.

In addition, we wanted to merge Northwest PIMA with TAPPI’s Pacific Section and find ways that we can demonstrate support for them.

I am happy to report that OSU TAPPI Student Chapter is in process to revive their Chapter.

Thanks in no small part to Willie E. (Skip) Rochefort, Ph.D. AIChE Fellow Associate Professor, School of Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering Eminent, Lynn Ekstedt, Internship Coordinator, Beverly Miller, Bob Russell, Jay Kaltenbach of NALCO, James McClure, James Levin, Tanya Hickson, and Mary Beth Cornell, the ball is rolling!

In addition, I am happy to report that the PIMA and TAPPI Local Section are making plans to merge. Thanks to Bob Russell-Voith and George Coats-Coldwater Seals, Inc. for leading this charge.

Just some of the photos we took during our trip:

Michael Roberts-Executive Director, Washington Pulp & Paper Foundation receives a donation from Todd Brooks- NORPAC. Ed Draper-Sonoco on the right.
L- John Carpenter-President NIPPON DYNAWAVE
R- Larry Montague-TAPPI


In parts 2 & 3 of The Great Pacific Northwest, I hope to feature Port Townsend Paper Company and NIPPON DYNAWAVE PACKAGING CO.

Remember, there are two types of people in our industry, TAPPI Members and those who should be.

Until next time………..Larry

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