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TAPPI Press offers some of the most in-depth resources and references for the forest products and related industries.  See what industry experts have to say about some of these publications

The Handbook for Pulp & Paper Technologists, 4th Edition:

The Smook Book, is by far the best-selling text to introduce the entire technology of pulp and paper manufacture. Chapters have been altered materially to reflect the latest technology and the current state of the North American industry. The most significant changes occur in the areas of Wood and Chip Handling (Chapter 3), Mechanical Pulping (Chapter 5), Recycled Fiber (Chapter 14), Non-fibrous Additives (Chapter 15) and Surface Treatments (Chapter 18).
“Smook Book has served as the most widely used book for people new to the industry.” Dr. Michael J. Kocurek, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Paper Science and Engineering at North Carolina State University


The Ultimate Roll and Web Defect Troubleshooting Guide:

This valuable reference tool focuses on defects commonly found in paper and paperboard products and in the production and converting of nonwovens, films and laminations.

“The buckling case study is pretty much spot on. As you may or may not know, we are fairly new to the adhesive lamination process, with our first line installation in spring 2015. Probably the first major learning for us was the buckling issue, which as you know is not a typical extrusion lamination issue. Over the years as we have run tons of different structures through the extrusion process and the typical symptoms of modulus mismatches is ‘curl’. When the buckling issue was initially detected, we pulled out your book, The Ultimate Roll and Web and Defect Troubleshooting Guide. Problem solved." Dale Schneider, Manufacturing Process Manager, Glenroy, Inc.

Corrugated Adhesive Preparation, 5th Edition:

This revised and updated manual provides the box plant with a practical and useful tool to make better starch adhesives as well as see better bond quality. 

"An informative book that is user friendly and is written so that it is easy to understand by the target audience—Corrugator foreman, starch men, and maintenance. It is a ’Must Have Book’ for anyone operating a corrugator and shouldn’t be allowed to sit in some manager’s book shelf! I recommend that the book be placed in the corrugator’s dry end control room where it will be used to trouble shoot problems as they occur."  Richard J. Croker, Director of Technical Services, Georgia-Pacific Corporation

Corrugator Bonding: A TAPPI PRESS Anthology of Published papers, Second Edition

Back in print for the first time in more than 10 years.

This anthology includes the work of researchers around the world on corrugator bonding and gives a better understanding of research findings on the properties of linerboard and corrugating medium as well as the variables that contribute to improved bonding. 

“The Corrugator Bonding Anthology is an unsurpassed resource for anyone who wants an introduction as well as insight into the corrugated world. It will never be outdated.” Jon Porter, Senior Instructor/Process Specialist, JPorter Consulting

Featuring papers and citings on:

  • Glueability at the Corrugator
  • Analysis of the Glue Lines in Corrugated Board
  • Bonding on the Corrugator: The Energy Aspects
  • Bond Setting in the Corrugating Operation
  • Physical Aspects of Single-Facer Operation
  • Gluing Corrugating Medium and Linerboard Together on the Corrugator
  • Development of Green-Bond Strength in the Single-Facer
  • The Effect of Box Plant Operations on Corrugated Board Edge Crush Test
  • Bonding on the Corrugator: The Myth of Penetration-Brittle Bonds
  • Process Technology-The Double-Face Bond
  • Double-Backer Bonding Technology
  • The Effects of Box Plant operations on Corrugated Board Edge Crush Test Development of Green-Bond Strength in the Single-Facer: Part 2

Boiler and Cooling reference series:

These comprehensive references are the most practical field guides ever written on steam and boiler water treatment. This two-volume set analyzing the whole spectrum of boiler systems, including those used in residential complexes, commercial and institutional buildings, and industrial facilities.

“After being recommended by a friend several years ago, I looked into the Boiler and Cooling reference books by Colin Frayne and found them to be a useful tool for anyone involved with the primary utility areas of a paper mill or power plant. The set is comprised of some of best information available through several industry sources, the material is comprehensive, and the subject matter is presented in a well thought-out format. If you are looking for a reference book on water treatment associated with the boiler and cooling applications, this is a good set to have.” Jim Graham, Manager - Paper Industry Utilities

Boiler Water Treatment Principles and Practice, Volume 1
Boiler Basics and Steam Water Chemistry
Boiler Water Treatment Principles and Practice, Volume 2
Treatments, Program Design, and Management
Boiler Water Treatment Principles and Practice
Charts and Notes for Field Use

Cooling Water Treatment
Principles and Practice

Cooling Water Treatment Principles and Practices
Charts and Notes for Field Use
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