TAPPI Journal Final Checklist for Manuscripts

As you finalize your manuscript, please make sure that your paper adheres to TAPPI Journal style guidelines, as styles between journals vary. In particular, make sure that your References/Literature section and images/tables are in order by walking through this checklist. As TAPPI Journal does not require page fees, this is a great help in the publication process and also expedites release of an issue.

  1. Are all figures and tables below the Literature Cited section, instead of dispersed throughout the text? Our graphic designer will place them close to the text references in our design template.

  2. Are figures clear, with all numbers legible? Often, when embedded in a Word document, images, charts, schematics, etc., lose resolution. If not clear, it is preferrable to provide them separately in their original format, such as PowerPoint, .tif, .jpg, etc. Images with high resolution may be considered for the TAPPI Journal cover image.

  3.  Are tables in an editable format? Please do not embed tables as an image, as they need to be edited to our TAPPI Journal style and format. This means you should either provide an editable Word table or a separate Excel file.

  4. Are references in order throughout the text? As you go through the peer review process, references may have been moved or added.

  5. Do all referenced images and tables follow the numbering order where they are referenced in the text? For example, if the last reference in the text is [31] and then Figure 4 is called out in the text, the number associated with the Figure 4 caption should be [32], after which references in the text resume at [33].

  6. Are Standard Test Methods written with test number and name in the manuscript text, instead of in the references section? TAPPI Journal style dictates that test method numbers and full names do not appear in the reference section but instead go in the text. Once the test number and name are mentioned in full the first time, the test can be referred to by number alone in ensuing mentions in the manuscript text.

  7. Are references citing a journal in the correct format? The correct format is: Author(s) last name, first initials, Journal Abbreviation Volume#(issue#): initial page#(year). Active DOI link.

    Käyhkö, J., Peltonen, K., Mutikainen, H., et al., TAPPI J. 20(5): 321(2021). https://doi.org/10.32964/TJ20.5.321.

    a.       Cite author by last name, followed by initials. List first three authors, then et al.

    b.       For journal abbreviations, please refer to the CAS Source Index (CASSI). If not found there, search for the ISO abbreviation.

    c.       To retrieve the Active DOI link, use the Simple Text Query search and identify tool from Crossref.

  8. Are conference references in the correct format? A common mistake is that authors will list the city where the conference occurred instead of the publisher name from whom the proceedings could be obtained. The correct format is:

    Author(s) name, first initials, Abbreviated Conference Name, Publisher of proceedings, Publisher’s headquarters location, year, initial page#.

    a.       For journal abbreviations, please abbreviate according to the CAS Source Index (CASSI), if possible.

    b.       If exact page number is not available, please insert paper’s title in parenthesis after the author(s) name(s).

    c.       Please remember to list the publisher and location, not location of the conference

  9. Are all external references active and in the proper format? In the editing process, a common issue is that external references/links are obsolete or inactive. Please makes sure links are still active or provide an alternative: The basic format is as follows, with the final <date> the last date accessed:

    Böhm, H., Zauner, A., Goers, S., et al., “Innovative large-scale energy storage technologies and Power-to-Gas concepts after optimization,” STORE&GO Project Deliverable D7.5, European Union, Brussels, 31 October 2018. Available [Online] https://www.storeandgo.info/fileadmin/downloads/deliverables_2020/Update/20181031_STOREandGO_D7.5_EIL_accepted.pdf  <16March2023>.

  10. When citing a book, has all pertinent information been included? This would include items such as edition number, year, publisher and location, editor, and particular chapter (if applicable, when not referencing an entire book). The basic format is:

  11. Has the type of information referenced been noted when not a conference, book, or journal? This would be the case for a Press Release, Final Report, In Press, Personal Communication, Ms.C. thesis, Ph.D. dissertation, etc.

  12. Are patents in the proper format? The basic format is as follows. Please provide final patent release date or indicate it is pat. appl. (patent applied for).
    Roymoulir, S.K. and Brown, K.J., U.S. pat. 3,832,276 (Aug. 27, 1974).