TAPPI Journal Peer Review Requirement

What is Peer Review?

“Peer review” is defined as an evaluation of a person’s work or performance by a group of people in the same occupation, profession or industry. In this case, peer review involves the evaluation of an individual’s or group’s research and subsequent published study results. The review process helps validate research, establishes an evaluation method for it, and increases networking possibilities among all involved parties. It remains the only widely accepted method for research validation, and the thoughtful comments and critiques from TAPPI Journal peer reviewers serve to improve research and advance science within the forests products and related industries.

Becoming a TAPPI Journal Reviewer

Reviewers usually possess certain skillsets and are willing to invest the time necessary to do a thorough job. Members of the TAPPI Journal Editorial Board typically invite reviewers to participate based on their demonstrated skills and expertise as they relate to a paper’s subject matter, but may also reach out to additional individuals with closely associated expertise.

Why Participate as a TAPPI Journal Reviewer?

Reviewing manuscripts and writing reviews is time-intensive, but being a reviewer offers many benefits for your career. As a TAPPI Journal reviewer, you can:

  • Increase the understanding and application of processes and products in the pulp and paper industry, as well as related fields like nonwovens, nanocellulose and the biorefinery.
  • Increase exposure for your own career and work by establishing relationships with reputable colleagues.
  • Gain advance access to the latest research in your field.
  • Uphold the rigorous standards of the scientific process while developing critical thinking skills that help your own research.
  • Build your reputation as an expert in your field.
  • Extend professional courtesy to authors, who may likewise do the same for your research in the future.

TAPPI Journal’s Peer Review Process

As a TAPPI Journal reviewer, you evaluate article submissions based on specific requirements, predefined criteria, and quality, as well as completeness and accuracy of the research presented. Some of the criteria to consider are:

  • Is the work innovative?
  • Do the authors exhibit creativity?
  • Does the work have scientific merit?
  • Is the presentation written clearly and concisely?

TAPPI Journal adheres to a single blind review process where the author is known to the reviewer, but the reviewer remains anonymous. Your role as a reviewer is to provide feedback on the article and the research, suggest improvements and make recommendations to the editor about whether to accept, reject or request changes to the article prior to a second evaluation. Two to three reviewers are typically provided for each paper, and reviewers are typically consulted as to whether the authors have fully addressed their comments.

Whether you are a reviewer, an author, or both, actively participating as part of the TAPPI Journalnetwork of professionals will help establish your expertise and expand your knowledge. For more information, or to send in your curriculum vitae for consideration as a reviewer, please contact TAPPI Journal Editorial Director Monica Shaw at mshaw@tappi.org.