TAPPI Foundation

Securing the Industry’s Future by Supporting Students

The TAPPI Foundation supports TAPPI’s mission by encouraging students to choose careers in the pulp, paper, packaging, and converting industries. The Foundation’s focus on students includes funding scholarships, supporting the annual Student Summit, and providing assistance to Student Chapters.


The TAPPI Foundation awards the W. L. Cullison Scholarship each year to a student entering their third year of college and seeking a career in the paper and converting industry. This two-year scholarship is worth $4000 per year and is named in honor of former TAPPI Executive Director William L. Cullision.

TAPPI’s Technical Division Scholarships provide up to $50,000 each year to deserving students. Go to the TAPPI Scholarship page for information and applications.

Student Summit

The Annual Student Summit brings together TAPPI Student Chapter presidents and members from all over the country to share ideas and learn from each other. Generally held in mid January, the Student Summit also provides an opportunity for student chapter members to learn more about career opportunities in the pulp, paper, packaging, and converting industry.

Student Chapters

TAPPI’s thirty-two student chapters are located on college campuses with curricula relevant to the paper and related industry. The chapters offer students an opportunity to meet their peers, interact with future employers and industry veterans, tour various facilities, and contribute to technical programs.

TAPPI Awards

In addition to its work with students, the Foundation’s endowments provide funding for several prestigious TAPPI awards including the Gunnar Nicholson Gold Medal, the  Herman L. Joachim Distinguished Service Award, and numerous  Division Technical Awards and  Division Leadership and Service Awards.  

Support the Foundation

Individuals and companies can support the important work of the TAPPI Foundation by making tax deductible contributions. Individuals are encouraged to seek matching funds from their corporate employers where possible. Contribute today!

Additional Information 

Contact Larry Montague at +1-770-209-7227 or  lmontague@tappi.org to find out more about the TAPPI Foundation.