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Couch Pit University Fraternity


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Charter Date: 1992

Geographic Boundaries: These papermakers represent nearly every paper company in the United States and many supplier firms.

Special Interests: Papermaking

Mission: The members of Couch Pit University Fraternity give back something to the industry they love. At present, our members contribute through discussion groups, roundtables and scholarship support. In addition they learn and share experiences – findings that prove beneficial to their employers and the industry. In all this we try to facilitate the use of our experience to educate and improve the skills of students and younger paper industry professionals.

CPU Nomination Form 

President – Troy Wilson
1st VP – Tony Baker
2nd VP – Mike West
Treasurer – Gary Nyman
Secretary – Bill Wiese

Scholarship Committee for 2022-2023

  • Roger Smith, Chairman
  • Steve Smith
  • Thomas Jr. Nunes
  • Troy Wilson
  • Paul O’Bernier



Membership Nominating Committee for 2022-2023

  • David West, Chairman
  • Bill Wiese
  • Brad Bowman
  • David Coleman
  • Mike Coughlin
  • Paul Fredrickson
  • Jeff Levensailor
  • Greg Pittman

Outreach Committee for 2022-2023

  • Paul O’Bernier, Chairman
  • Roger Smith
  • Steve Morse
  • Gary Nyman
  • Grant Forrest

Roundtable Committee for 2022-2023

  • Keith Kemp 





The Brookshire Moore Superintendent of the Year Award Recognizes the mill superintendent who has shown high personal standards and professional management qualities that contribute to the betterment of those under their management and in their company

Nominees Must:

  1. Be of good moral character and respected among his or her peers
  2. Have held the position of paper machine superintendent or higher on a permanent basis (and must meet the following criteria).
  3. Has experience in the supervision of a group of papermakers on a paper machine.
  4. Has personally experienced the accountability and ownership of safety, production, cost, quality, and the work force for a paper machine.

Nomination Form



Couch Pit members Ed Melton, Bill Wiese and Bret Pate attended North Carolina State University in November of 2023 for an outreach event.  Pictured are L-R   Bret Pate, his son Cameron (NCSU Student), and Bill Wiese



2023 Couch Pit Annual Meeting 



2022 Couch Pit Annual Meeting 

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