Automatic Membership Renewal

Automatic renewal is a convenient way to annually renew your membership and subscriptions before they expire.

How Does it Work?

  • Automatic renewal is available online, by phone, or via the paper invoice/application. 
  • TAPPI will automatically charge the credit card provided towards your renewal fees during the first week of the month your membership is due to expire.
  • You will to receive an email confirmation when your card has been charged.
  • A reminder of the automatic charge will be sent 1-2 months prior to your renewal date.

Members can opt in at any time during the year by contacting TAPPIā€™s Member Connection Center at:
1.800.332.8686 (US)
1.800.446.9431 (Canada)

Why Sign Up for Automatic Renewal?

  • Guaranteed uninterrupted access to your member benefits and services.
  • Never miss an issue of Paper360, electronic issues of TAPPI Journal, member version of Over the Wire and all your favorite member publications.
  • You will receive uninterrupted service to your online benefits; such as access to free technical papers and exclusive membership directory access.
  • Saves time: one fewer bill to remember to pay and eliminates multiple renewal reminders to your mailbox/Inbox.

Terms and Conditions

By opting for automatic renewal, you hereby authorize TAPPI on an annual basis to:

  1. Renew your TAPPI membership and any member subscriptions you have selected.
  2. Charge the applicable membership and subscription fees to the credit card provided.
  3. Contact you if your credit card has expired or if any difficulties are experienced during processing
  4. Send you an electronic receipt via email the same day your card is charged.
  5. Notify you if there is to be a membership dues increase at least 30 days PRIOR TO charging your card.

This authority is to remain in effect until cancelled in writing by the member.

Opt Out of Automatic Renewals

If you do not wish to proceed with automatic renewal, you must opt out before the month your membership dues expire by:

  1. Sending an email to
  2. Faxing written notification to +1.770.209.7206