TAPPI Code of Ethics 

TAPPI expects that the conduct of each member shall be guided by the following:

  1. Each member shall guard and uphold the higher standard of honor for which the Association stands by a spirit of courtesy and friendliness in dealings with all members of the Association.

  2. Each member shall be guided in all relations by the highest principles of honor and thus maintain the dignity and high reputation of the Association. 

  3. Each member shall not use any unfair, improper, or questionable method in securing employment.

  4. Each member shall, when an executive and an employer of members of the Association, act fairly with consideration in relations with member employees.

  5. Each member shall carefully avoid any intrusion into the business of another made for the purpose of securing unauthorized professional services or unauthorized divulgence of technical information.

  6. Each member shall cooperate in improving the application of technical information within the pulp and paper industry, and will also, as far as seems wise, exchange general information and experience with fellow members, and will further make the Association more valuable by contributing technical papers where such information does not conflict with the interests of the member’s employer or client.

  7. Each member shall be frank in the expression of opinion regarding work requested by clients or employers where such work seems to present improbabilities of successful results.

  8. Each member shall be diligent in exposing and opposing such errors and frauds as the experience and knowledge enables each member to recognize.

  9. Each member shall not use undignified, sensational, or misleading language in advertising or other publications that is likely to discredit the member or the Association.

  10. Each member shall not issue and shall discourage associates from issuing any published statements, especially in technical papers or articles which will exaggerate or otherwise misrepresent the facts.

  11. Each member shall have interest in the public welfare and will be ready to apply special knowledge, skill, and training for the use and benefit of mankind.