Division Honors

Division Honors

TAPPI Divisions may grant awards to individuals in recognition of outstanding accomplishments or contributions to the industry’s technology or to the Association. Each Technical Division may grant no more than one award for technical achievement and one for leadership and service per year. Some awards also are accompanied by a cash prize. See the Division Honors Manual for details.

Division Technical Award - The Division Technical Award is intended to recognize outstanding accomplishments or contributions, which have advanced the industry's technology in the awarding division's field of interest.

Division Leadership and Service Award - The Division Leadership and Service Award is intended to recognize an individual for outstanding leadership and exceptional service to the awarding Division which have resulted in significant and demonstrable benefits to the Division's members.

Division Education & Mentoring Award (Coating & Graphic Arts Division) - TAPPI Coating and Graphic Arts Division and MWV Outstanding Educator Award recognizes outstanding educators in academia, faculty of TAPPI short courses and symposia and individuals that through their personal example of passion for the industry and mentoring of others serves to promote interest and enthusiasm on the part of new and current members of the industry.

Certificate of Outstanding Merit - The Certificate of Outstanding Merit was established to recognize an individual for outstanding and exemplary service to the Member Group. A nominee should be an individual whose leadership and/or technical contributions to the member group have been above and beyond the routine "call of duty." Typically, nominees will have been long, active members of the awarding member groups who have made significant contributions, such as being editor of a technical publication or chair of a successful, long-term short course or seminar. Unsuccessful nominees for a Division Technical Award, Division Leadership and Service Award or the Outstanding Local Section Member Award may be appropriate candidates.

Certificates of Appreciation are automatically presented to member group chiars or officers upon completion of their term of office to express appreciation for their volunteer leadership.

Certificates of Recognition are available to Divisions, Local Sections, Committees, and other Member Groups for presentation to individuals that have made special contributions to Division, Local Section, or Committee work, but who would not normally qualify for the automatic Certificate of Appreciation, the Certificate of Outstanding Merit, or other higher honor. Division, Local Section, or Committee chairs may request these certificates through their appropriate TAPPI Staff Liaison. Some contributions for consideration would include: (1) Authoring/presenting a paper at a conference, short course, or seminar; (2) serving as task group chairman for a routine assignment; or (3) serving in an officer position such as publicity chairman or technical program chairman.


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