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Our Technical Divisions target specific segments of our industry. Each Division and its corresponding Technical Committees work to share knowledge and provide solutions for the industry through a variety of products, services, and opportunities including publications, events, and online discussions.

Our members can join any of our Technical Committees. To become a TAPPI member, please join online or contact our Member Connection Center at 1-800-332-8686 (US), 1-800-446-9431 (Canada), or +1-770-446-1400.

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Coating and Graphic Arts
The division is comprised of technical professionals who focus on the materials, equipment and processes for the manufacture, quality control and use of coated papers, paperboard, and other substrates, as well as the use of coated and uncoated materials in graphic arts.
Corrugated Packaging
The division is comprised of technical professionals who focus on the manufacture and use of corrugated containers and associated packaging materials and products.
Technical professionals with chemical and mechanical engineering knowledge and experience.
Fiberglass Mat Technology Virtual Series - Market
Market Recording #1: 3M 2020 Annual Economic Forecast with Tim Worms and PAPERMAKING LECTURE: “Basic and Practical Aspects of Papermaking” with Makhlouf Laleg and Przem Pruszynski
Fiberglass Mat Technology Virtual Series - Safety
Recordings #4: Forklift / Pedestrian Segregation and Risk Reduction at the Glass Mat Shipping Docks with Pedro Romero Murciano and Completed all Regulatory Requirements and Still Getting Injuries? What are the Next Steps to Improve Safety in your Operation? with Dennis Helka
Fiberglass Mat Technology Virtual Series - Technology
Technology Recording #2: Advances in Fiberglass Mat Online Measurement Techniques with Eric J. Reber and Binder and Coating Application on Wetlaid Nonwoven Glass Fiber Mat with Leo Bos
Fiberglass Mat Technology Virtual Series - Workforce
Workforce Recording #3: Becoming a Visionary of Untapped Talent: Highlighting Community College Partnerships and Their Impact on Talent Development Resolution with Ed Injaychock and Mia Mallory and Answering the Call - How the Pulp & Paper Industry Has Responded to a Changing Workforce with Jay Stockard
The division is comprised of professionals who work to advance research, development and deployment of renewable nanomaterials to help meet the material needs of people and society.