The Power of TAPPI Membership. 

In 1915, thirty enterprising papermakers gathered together determined to form a new technical arm of the American Paper & Pulp Association (APPA). Their idea was to gather and disseminate information concerning matters which have to do with production. This forward thinking group wanted to create a forum where information could be channeled and ideas could be exchanged. In less than a year, TAPPI was born and more than 100 years later, their formula for success continues to work.

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Our Roots Run Deep (No Pun Intended)

We are a not for profit, volunteer-led association that is built around a community comprised of thousands of member engineers, managers, scientists, academics, suppliers and others from around the world.

Our headquarters is located right outside of Atlanta, Georgia USA. Members love to tour the building and see historic items like early TAPPI Standards, issues of TAPPI publications dating back to the early 1920’s or just see a unique collection of papermaking heirlooms. If you stop by, take a tour of our library and don’t forget to walk out on the deck to see the legendary TAPPI totem pole, donated by our Pacific Local Section. Take a short walk down the halls and meet the TAPPI Team and hear first-hand about some of the great things our members and volunteers are doing to support the TAPPI community.


Our focus has always been on emerging technologies and driving innovation for the paper and packaging industry. Yet, we are so much more. Our growing international membership ranks include rising stars in bioenergy and biofuels, renewable chemicals, sustainability, and nanotechnology areas.

We Set the Standard – Literally

As an ANSI-Certified Standards development organization, TAPPI’s peer-reviewed Standards ensure that products meet industry recognized best practices. Our Standards not only demonstrate how to maximize performance, they provide new ideas and operational methods to improve production. Our members and volunteers drive the development of the Standards and TIPs that are used around the world.

Providing Quality Education

We provide premier educational resources to support the day-to-day duties of industry professionals, as well as research and academic pursuits. We do so by offering over 30 international conferences, symposia, and courses each year, and our IACET-approved status ensures quality, and continuous improvement, in all our event programs.

Fit to Print – Naturally!

When our members look for leading-edge news in the industry, they turn to us as the go-to resource. That’s because our targeted publications serve up the knowledge and news they need – tailored specifically to their areas of interest. There are ten publications and specialty newsletters that are free with membership, including Paper360º – our flagship publication – and TAPPI JOURNAL, a peer-reviewed, scientific periodical covering key research and technology developments.

We’ve never lost sight of what keeps us thriving – our incredibly talented community of 7,000+ members, volunteers and experts. Keeping them informed, engaged and energized is our goal. We provide an open forum for communication and an environment to cultivate relationships with some of the brightest minds in the industry. All backed by a rock solid antitrust compliance policy. Our members leverage the power of peer-to-peer connections, and tap into the largest repository of technical industry information in the world.

Fact #1 – Looking for information? We have over 20,000 technical papers articles and studies in the TAPPI e-library.

Fact #2 – TAPPI.org receives over 30,000 unique visitors each month (now that’s a community!)

Fact #3 – Our publications reach over 40,000 professionals a month.

Fact #4 – Get Involved! We have over 300 active committees.

Fact #5 – We provide up to $140,000* each year in awards and scholarships.