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Information Resource Library

After years of accumulating publications, re-acquiring books, journals and conference papers, as well as completing more than a year of reorganizing and cataloging, we are pleased to announce that our Information Resource Library has re-opened as a means for members to explore, peruse and research. 


In 1983, James d'A Clark donated his personal library to TAPPI.  Combined with the association's existing materials, The James d'A Clark Information Resource Center was established in conjunction with the opening of the new TAPPI Headquarters in Atlanta. 

TAPPI employed full time staff to manage the information center including an IR Administrator, an IR Specialist, and an IR Clerk until much of its contents (excluding the Clark collection) were donated to the Institute of Paper Science and Technology at Georgia Tech in 1994.

In 2008, under President and CEO Larry N. Montague's influence and advice, the library was resurrected. Donations from several corporations and private libraries were received as well as books from individual members. Our current collection features a large number of rare books, including an extensive collection of limited edition books by renowned wood products researcher and scientist, Dard Hunter.

General Contents:

  • US and foreign journals
  • Textbooks
  • TAPPI annual directories 1916-2002
  • TAPPI special reports 1920's and 30's
  • TAPPI Bibliography of Papermaking 1928-1958
  • TAPPI seminar and course notes starting 1976
  • TAPPI conference proceedings starting 1960
  • Technical books
  • Some lockwood, Lockwood-Post directories (earliest 1949)
  • IPST Bulletins and Abstracts 1931-1989
  • Company and institution history books
  • General papermaking history books, including some foreign books
  • Gunnar Nicholson albums
  • PIMA Directories
  • Album of the dedication of the TAPPI building, 1983

Major Journals:

  • Paper Trade Journal
  • Southern Pulp and Paper
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Pulp and Paper Canada
  • Pulp and Paper International 
  • PIMA, PIMA Magazine, PIMA Papermaker
  • Das Papier
  • Swensk Papperstidning
  • Paper Technology and INdustry
  • Japan TAPPI
  • Journal of Korea TAPPI
  • Paperi Ja Puu
  • Progress in Paper Recycling

Two books sent to the Smithsonian for restoration in 2015 are on display:
• The Sister Arts, or a Concise and Interesting View of the Nature and History of Paper Making, Printing and Bookbinding - Printing and Published by J. Baxter, 1809
• Chronology of the Origin and Progress of Paper and Paper Making, From 670 B.C. to 1877 A.D. by J. Munsell, 1864

In addition to the newly restored books, the library's key holdings include:
• Pulp and Paper Science and Technology, Vol. I & II  - by Earl Libby, 1962
• Pulp and Paper Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Vol. I & II - by James Casey ,1952 
• Pulp Technology and Treatment for Paper - by James d'A Clark (1978 and 1985 editions) 

The TAPPI Information Resource Library content titles and descriptions can be found on LibraryThing.

TAPPI members are able to explore, check out books and conduct research in the library at TAPPI Headquarters. Contact at library@tappi.org at 1-770-209-7211 for additional information.


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