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Outright Gifts
An outright gift is just what its name implies - a gift transferred immediately from the donor to TAPPI. This category can include cash, securities, tangible or intangible personal property, or real estate.

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Planned Giving

Traditionally, many potential donors have assumed that the only possible gift is one made outright. Although we welcome and encourage outright gifts (see following section), you should realize that there are also other ways to support our programs financially, through what is known as planned giving. This booklet will deal with just a few.

Gifts may be made during your lifetime or under your will. They may be in the form of cash, securities, personal property, or real estate. There are even ways you can give something to TAPPI - real estate, for instance - yet still retain the right to use it.

Because of the intricacies of the tax laws, your method of giving can affect the benefits both TAPPI and you will receive. The reason for this is that the laws actually favor charitable giving, by providing for substantial tax deductions. In essence, you are rewarded for making a gift in support of our programs.

Let’s say you make a cash gift of $10,000. You are entitled to an income tax charitable deduction of $10,000, which results in an income tax savings of up to $3,100, if you’re in a 31 percent tax bracket. Some gift mechanisms also reduce gift and estate taxes.

As we discuss the various gift mechanisms in this booklet, we’ll include examples of how the tax laws can influence each one. The individuals mentioned in the examples are fictitious; however, the figures shown are indicative of the tax savings you might realize when you incorporate planned giving into your financial and estate planning.

When reviewing or revising your overall holdings, you might want to consider a charitable gift. Sound planning can provide financial security for your family as well as ensure the continuation of programs such as ours.

In addition, we can suggest a variety of COMMEMORATIVE OPPORTUNITIES. Commemorative opportunities are often called "naming opportunities," because in return for certain levels of gifts, you may name such items as awards, scholarships, or even programs. We’ll be happy to discuss these with you.