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TAPPI’s visual detection charts help you pinpoint flaws such as particulates, embedded defects, or inclusions with CONFIDENCE.

TAPPI charts are popular and reliable tools for quality control through visual inspection.

A must for Quality Inspection Professionals in paper, packaging, medical, plastics, and other industries, these flat, flexible inspection gauges are used to measure the size of imperfections over the range of 0.02 to 5.00 square millimeters in industrial materials.

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Size Estimation Chart (Transparent)

Calibrated Size Estimation Chart (Transparent)

Dirt Estimation Chart (Opaque)

*As part of our commitment to ensuring the continued accuracy of your measurements, we recommend replacing your Estimation Charts every two years due to wear and tear from frequent use.

TAPPI Estimation Charts are perfect for inspecting forest product materials, plastics, tubing, textiles, and other materials:

  • Measure the size of defects in products
  • Inspect third-party packaging
  • Check molded plastic products for defects
  • Detect embedded specs
  • Measurement of visible ink spatter on printed surfaces

Size Estimation Chart (Transparent)

The TAPPI Size Estimation Chart can be used in a large number of applications where there is a  need to estimate a size (area) by way of a direct comparison to a known circular area. The dots on this chart cover the range of 0.02 to 5.00 square millimeters and are correct within an average 10% or 0.005 square millimeters, whichever is the larger. 

Instructions for use of these transparent charts are outlined in TAPPI Test Method T 564

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Calibrated Size Estimation Chart

The Calibrated Size Estimation Chart (CSEC) is ideal for quality assurance processes that require more exact measurements. This is the exact same transparent chart as SEC, however, it has been calibrated so you do not have to, saving you both time and money. Each chart has 23 dots that are measured within specified tolerances, are documented, and then a data sheet is provided.   Each CSEC is prepared with skill and precision in order to assure accuracy allowing you to measure with confidence. 

Instructions for use of these transparent charts are outlined in TAPPI Test Method T 564

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Dirt Estimation Chart
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The Dirt Estimation Chart (DEC) is the tool to estimate the equivalent black area (EBA) of dirt or other colored specks. The round black spots on the opaque white background make the same visual impression as the dirt speck on the material in which it is embedded. The Chart’s opaque material helps detect any foreign matter embedded in material which, when examined by reflected, not transmitted, light has a contrasting color to the rest of the surface. For additional confidence, they are produced by an ISO-certified manufacturer.

Instructions for use of these opaque charts are outlined in TAPPI Test Methods T 213T 437, and T 537

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TAPPI Charts Set the Standard

TAPPI Estimation Charts were initially created to work in conjunction with technical Standards developed for the detection of defects in paper and pulp and are now widely used as visual inspection tools by the medical, packaging, and plastics industries.

As an ANSI-Certified Standards development organization, TAPPI’s peer-reviewed Standards ensure that products meet industry-recognized best practices. Our Standards not only demonstrate how to maximize performance, they also provide new ideas and operational methods to improve production.

TAPPI Standards ensure that your products meet the highest quality benchmarks, giving you the confidence that comes with utilizing a trusted resource.

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