Book Proposals

Are you interested in writing a book about a specific topic in the pulp, paper, packaging, tissue and converting industries?

As an industry leader in the publishing of original books, we encourage authors and subject matter experts to share their knowledge with our community by submitting a proposal.

Our submission process follows 3 easy steps:Book proposal flowchart

  1. Publication Proposal Form used to assist in the initial development of your proposed book idea, a first touch point with TAPPI PRESS
    Author Submission Form will be sent to you, (after we have reviewed your Publication Proposal Form) from a Project Manager. This form requires more details, audience/market & competition information

  2. Authors may recommend outside reviewers, but the final selection will be at our discretion.

  3. The presented Publication Agreement must be signed, prior to production.  ALL authors, co-authors and contributing authors must sign an Addendum to Publication Agreement


The decision to publish is based on the following criteria:

  • Information provided
  • Target audience
  • How the manuscript fits within our portfolio
  • Current demand for content in the subject area
  • How the manuscript compares to other, similar proposals
  • The submitted material complies with our TAPPI Antitrust Policy


Guidelines for Submitting your Manuscript

  1. Manuscripts must be submitted in Microsoft Word format.
  2. All images, figures or other graphics should be submitted as high resolution (300 dpi or higher) .jpeg or .tiff file.  
  3. A scheduled completion date for your final manuscript (including all ancillary materials and permissions) will be specified in your contract. Failure to meet this deadline may result in the removal of your book from our production schedule. This may delay, and even prevent, its publication.
  4. Additional manuscript deadlines and requirements will be provided to potential authors.     


Author Contracts

If your manuscript is approved, we will present you with a contract. The contract must be signed by all authors, including co-authors, contributing authors and participating members of committee credited in the final manuscripts, prior to production.


Copyright and Distribution

We will retain copyright ownership of published manuscripts along with the exclusive right to publish and sell the work in all formats, under its own name and under other imprints or trade names, during the full term of copyright and all renewals thereof, and to register the copyright in TAPPI’s name in all countries and in all languages.

By submitting the manuscript the author(s) confirm he/she (they) are the sole owner of the work and has (have) full power and authority to copyright it and to enter into an agreement with TAPPI; that the work does not infringe on any copyright, violate any property rights, or contain any scandalous, libelous, or unlawful matter.


Author Compensation

Compensation for published products by individual authors are eligible for royalties. Royalties will be negotiated on a case by case basis, but the general amount is approximately 10%.

Please email all questions regarding manuscript submissions to TAPPI PRESS.