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Leaders like you help us implement the technology and steer the events that open doors to a world of benefits and opportunities in the worldwide pulp, paper, tissue, packaging, and related forest products industries.

Avenues to Volunteering

TAPPI Connect

Experience the Power of Connection with others in your industry. Create a profile in our online community and immediately reap the benefits of interacting with peers, colleagues and other professionals. Our Mentor Match program connects students and young professionals with experienced advisors to share resources and experiences, and work together to achieve professional and personal goals.

Divisions and Technical Committees

Our Technical Divisions target segments of the industry as well as demographic groups such as Young Professionals and Engineers.  Each Division and its corresponding committees work to share knowledge and provide industry-wide solutions through a variety of product services and opportunities including publication, events, webinars, and online discussions.

TAPPI Members can also join more than 80 technical committees to meet and work with other members sharing ideas and solving problems.

Standards, TIPs, and Useful Methods 

Many TAPPI volunteers choose to share their professional expertise by participating in a number of TAPPIā€™s scientific venues. TAPPI Standards are developed through the consensus of technical working groups acting in accordance with the procedures described in our guidelines.

TAPPI Technical Information Papers (TIPs) are documents containing specialized information (e.g., data, software, calculations) used in the manufacture, evaluation and description of pulp, paper, and related products, written in a standardized format readily useable by the industry.

Useful Methods (UMs) describe tests, procedures, or practices written in the same general style as a Standard, but without the vigorous precision requirements. Because they do not qualify as Standards, UMs do not undergo the same review-by-consensus process.

Are you interested in reviewing or submitting TAPPI Standards, TIPs or Useful Methods? Contact us.

Publication and Speaking

We have the largest repository of technical industry information in the world, and we want to add your work to that collection.  We highly encourage authors to submit proposals for books, conference papers or peer-reviewed journal articles in their area of expertise.

Local Sections

Organized by geographic region, our Local Sections are organized geographically and hold meetings, sponsor mill tours, develop programs, and create workshops. As a Local Section member, you focus on specific topics unique to your region in an environment where you use your talents and develop leadership skills volunteering beside local colleagues.

Student Chapters

Enhance your education and form relationships that can help with your career and future employment choices.  TAPPI Student Chapters offer students opportunities to meet peers, interact with future employers and industry mentors, tour various facilities, and contribute to technical programs, which can then be added to resumes.

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