Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How are online courses different from traditional training?

     A: Online training courses provide the user immediate, real-time access as well as the flexibility to train at their own by pace.

Q: What is the delivery method of the courses?

     A: Individuals are provided a link to access their course(s) directly within the TAPPI Learning Management System (LMS).        The link to TAPPI LMS resides on the TAPPI website within the User’s Profile tab: My eLearning.

Q: What is the length of the courses?

     A: Course length varies depending upon topic, format and how many topic modules are included. Single modules can vary    from 20-45 minutes. For example, Wet End Chemistry includes 31 modules at approximately 45 minutes per module, or          23.25 hours of training. Please see Training Time as noted with each online training product description.

Q: Can I view the course table of contents and purchase individual modules/presentations?

     A: Online Training Course descriptions include a link to view the table of contents and purchase                                                individual modules/presentations contained within the course.

Q: How long do I have to use and review the full course or individual module?

     A: The access time for Individual users varies by course and is noted in each training product description under ACCESS. Company licenses are typically purchased on a yearly base and are renewed annually.

Q: Are there training assessments?

     A: Yes. Majority of the courses and single modules include assessments to reinforce training comprehension. This will be noted with each training product description.

Q: Are the courses for credit or non-credit?

     A: The online training courses and modules are non-credit.

Q: What was the Instructional Design and who were the Instructors/Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)?

     A: Different audiences at different levels are addressed by the selection of visuals, audio content, and flexibility to edit lectures and individual slides, depending on the learning objectives. The SME courses are led by experienced educators who have taught this content for many years to mixed audiences of hourly and professional mill employees.

Q: Can the course modules be customized to our specific mill?

     A: In some instances, yes. The recording technology being used allows customized content (processes and products) to be inserted into or between individual lectures. Customized content remains proprietary. In some instances, the modules cannot be customized.

Q: How are the Company Licenses ordered and received?

     A: Submit an inquiry to begin the ordering process for Group Training/Licensing orders.

Q: What is the yearly cost of a site license?

     A: Cost will be based on various factors. Submit an inquiry to gain pricing details and begin the ordering process.

Q: Are their discounts for multiple courses and sites?

     A: In some instances, yes. Quotations can be provided. Submit an inquiry to gain pricing details and begin the ordering process.

Q: What are the technical IT specifics?

     A: Specifics are based off which modules are purchased and will be detailed during the ordering process. In some                  instances, software requirements are flexible to suit your needs. All content is delivered as SCORM 1.2 compliant.

Q: Who do I contact at TAPPI for answers to Frequently Asked Questions or about how to order a course?

     A: Submit an inquiry to begin the ordering process for Company Licenses. For general information email Jana Jensen,    TAPPI Press Manager.

Q: Who do I contact regarding technical or education content questions for the Alabama Southern NPT2 courses?

     A: Contact Dr. Michael J. Kocurek, Director NPT2, Alabama Southern Community College.