Comprehensive Format:

      Comprehensive videos and figure based visuals presented by subject matter experts.

TAPPI Tissue 101: Properties & Processes

  • Introductory course developed & presented by TAPPI member industry experts

  • Increases understanding of tissue performance properties & manufacturing

  • Comprehensive overview of the manufacturing process & effect on product performance properties

TAPPI Tissue 101: Properties and Processes Professional Certificate 

  • Completion of this Professional Certificate will demonstrate competency in understanding tissue manufacturing processes and methods to improve tissue performance and manufacturing efficiency.

Tissue Manufacturing Technology npt2.png

  • Introductory-intermediate course, developed by Coastal Alabama under a grant by the National Science Foundation
  • Designed to increase understanding of tissue properties, raw materials, equipment & processes

TAPPI Tissue 201: Operations & Runnability

  • Intermediate-to –advanced level course

  • Helps improve tissue quality & consistency

  • Understand what contributes to waste and downtime

  • Learn about reliability, maintenance best practices, and how to troubleshoot problems quickly

Tissue Operations and Runnability Professional Certificate

Completion of this Professional Certificate will demonstrate competency in critical tissue manufacturing knowledge, skills and abilities including-

  • Improving overall tissue machine efficiency

  • Increasing production

  • Enhancing product softness and bulk

Online Training available for Individual Users as well as Company Licenses. Choose to purchase a complete course or a specific topical course module. For more information contact Jana Jensen, Press Manager at [email protected]