Concise Format:

Concise narrated animation of components and processes.

More Than a Box: Box Plant 101

  • This video is recommended for new employee orientation as well as general promotion of the corrugated process.
  • Includes a view of a typical box plant, how a quality box is made, an overview of the corrugator and review of materials handling.

Corrugated Packaging - Box Plant Basics

(Full Course - Includes all 10 modules below)

  • This Corrugated Packaging course on Box Plant Basics includes equipment, materials, and processes.
  • Individual modules below can be purchased separately.  

Corrugated Box Basics

  • This course will familiarize you with some common industry terms, describe popular corrugated board and corrugated box styles, and discuss corrugated box usage considerations.

Other Box Plant Equipment

  • This course describes the design and operation of box plant equipment, including printer-slotters, folder-gluers, stitchers, tapers, laminators, presses, litho-laminators, bundlers and palletizers.


  • This course will discuss safe work behaviors, equipment safety hazards, stored energy hazards, chemical hazards, emergency stops, as well as vehicle and pedestrian hazards within box plants.

Raw Materials

  • This course describes wood fiber sources, chemical pulping and papermaking processes, and various glues, inks, and coatings used in the production of corrugated board and corrugated boxes.


  • This course describes the corrugating process including information on Wet End Components, Preconditioning and Preheating, Corrugating and Pressure Rolls, Adhesive Application, Double Facer Glue Unit and Hot Plate Section, Dry End Components, Stacker, and Double and Triple Wall Corrugators.

Board Tests

  • This course describes tests used to predict the stacking performance of corrugated board boxes, performance of corrugated boxes during handling and tests used to monitor corrugating and converting operations at box plants, including the flat crush test (FCT), warp test, and pin adhesion test.

Die Cutters

  • This course describes corrugated board and box making equipment, design and operation of rotary and platen die cutters, as well as in-line sectional die cutter machines.

Corrugating Adhesives

  • The objective of this course is to impart an understanding of a brief history of corrugating adhesives, then describe the purpose or function of the ingredients in modern, starch-based corrugating adhesives.

Box Plant Equipment Basics

  • This course introduces some common box plant equipment and processes, and discusses equipment layout, material flows, and storage considerations in box plants.

Flexo Folder-Gluers

  • This course describes the design and operation of the machine sections that make up a flexo folder-gluer, including the feed section, printing section, creaser-slotter, die cutter, glue lap unit, folding section, and delivery end.

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