Advanced Online Process Analyzers for Pulp Mill Control

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Advanced Online Process Analyzers for Pulp Mill Control

This webinar will briefly review the technology and give further details on economic impacts achieved through the installation of rugged process online FT-NIR analyzers when coupled with advanced process control strategies.

With increasing competition worldwide, pulp and paper manufacturers, particularly those in North America, require greater emphasis on cost reduction and increased efficiency and product quality. Optimization must also focus on minimizing chemical and energy consumption, particularly for those mills that could utilize the excess steam to drive turbine for electrical generation, allowing for diversification of revenue stream. To this end, process measurements and control play an important and critical role.

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Presenter: Thanh Trung is VP of Technology at FITNIR Analyzers, Inc. He is a graduate of the University of British Columbia, specializing in analytical chemistry, Flow Injection Analysis, and spectroscopy.

Prior to joining FITNIR, Thanh was a Senior Research Scientist, Group Leader, at FPInnovations (formerly Paprican).

His pioneering efforts in developing novel sensing applications for the pulp and paper industry have led to numerous inventorships and co-inventorships of US and International Patents. Thanh has extensive knowledge of applying process analysers for pulp and paper applications, with 23 years of experience. He is an established innovator and has authored many papers and is a chapter contributor of reference books.

Thanh is a member of PAPTAC, TAPPI, Applied Spectroscopy Society, and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Society.