An Overview of Principled Centered Safety

Principled Centered Safety is designed to change the safety culture to an incident free environment.  Each participant learns how to recognize the different needs, values, and motivations of others and becomes competent in critical communications when others are at risk. The training is presented as a life skill which supports incident free values at work, home, and play. Attitude, communications, and teamwork are the cornerstones of this programs success. The typical results are teams who are more open to safety accountability and communicate with leaders and managers with less barriers and negative agendas. The training will identify and support safety as a common ground for all team members from the most experienced to the newest on board. This strategic approach to safety training will often times be the game changer that teams are looking for to get an incident rate below 1.0 and keep it there.  Understanding this strategic approach to safety will have teams well on their way to developing a strong safety culture that is value based and principle centered. The webinar will be an overview of this approach and a preview of the Safety Session at PaperCon.


Thomas Evans, CEO and founder of Training Logic, Inc., started his training career over three decades ago with the Dale Carnegie Training Systems. He was the Regional Training Manager and Instructor for Dale Carnegie Training in Northeast Louisiana and one of the primary instructors over northern Louisiana. In 1988, he accepted a position with Willamette Industries, a fortune 500 diversified wood products company with more than 14,000 employees. With more than 14 years as National Training Manager, Thomas designed and delivered multi-level soft-skills training programs and leadership succession development across the nation. Additionally, Thomas earned a Master Trainer Certification from Development Dimensions International.