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In today's paper, board, and tissue production, web breaks and a range of other substrate defects present a significant issue in all types of paper machines, coaters, and converting operations. Reducing breaks and paper defects is an important objective given the increasing speed and operating complexities of the present production environment.

ISRA Vision inspection systems are specialized not only to find all kind of surface defects but also to classify each defect using latest AI based classification methods like deep learning and neural networks. But there is more: having this information available for the next production or finishing steps gets you closer to a full circular quality inspection system that helps to avoid surprises as all defects can be tracked down to their origin and in what process step it was created.

Finally, learn more about how inspection and extracting defined sections of produced products in any processing or treatment step will not only reduce waste and lower your carbon footprint, but will also increase the profit of anyone included in the value added chain.

Who Should Attend:

Typical Job Titles

  • Plant Manager
  • Operation Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Line Manager

Type of Companies

  • Paper Mills
  • Tissue Mills
  • Paper/Tissue Converters

Learning Outcomes

  1. Learn how a full inspection system with production analytics gets you closer to 100% production documentation 
  2. Identify gaps in participant´s operations and get ideas how to significantly reduce costs caused by avoidable web breaks not only in the paper production but also downstream in the slitting and winding process

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Christian Eikmeyer, a graduate of Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, has been working in machine vision since 2007 focusing on optical web inspection and monitoring systems. He was introduced to the paper industry in 2009 working as project manager on those systems.  Christian later moved into product management of camera- based quality control systems.  Christian has 13 years of experience in the global pulp, paper and board industry.