Basics of Refining

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Basics of Refining

The Papermakers Committee presented a complimentary webinar on the Basics of Refining on July 16th hosted by Tom Berger, Regional Product Manager at Andritz. This webinar is the second in a series focused on Screening and Refining. Low Consistency Refiners are critical in producing fiber properties required for both paper machine operation and final sheet quality. This webinar will focus on the basics of Refining; Why refine?, the key components and operation of Refiners. It will also address:

  • Important Process variables/ guidelines
  • Controls and System Considerations
  • Maintenance and Mechanical Issues
  • Plate Design/ Application


Tom Berger is a paper industry professional with extensive application, product management, sales and marketing, strategic planning, and business development experience in refining and stock prep systems technologies.

His expertise was developed over a 34 year career with Beloit, J&L Fiber Services, International Paper, and Andritz where he is currently Regional Product Manager for Low Consistency Refining (LCR) for the NAFTA region.

Tom earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering (Paper) from Western Michigan University.