Biocides in White Water Systems Maximizing System Performance While Minimizing Costs


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Christopher D. Baron
Applications Project Manager – Microbiological Control
Ashland Water Technologies

Chris Baron earned his bachelor’s degree in 1988 from the University of Illinois-Urbana, where his thesis project involved the exploration of organic synthesis strategies for chiral stationary phases in high-performance liquid chromatography. After starting his career as a bench chemist in the pharmaceutical industry, he returned to school, attending Purdue University to study the formation, equilibration and decomposition kinetics of bromamines and bromochloramines. He left Purdue in 1998 to join Ashland as supervisor of the company’s inorganic analytical lab, eventually expanding his responsibility by reopening the company’s corrosion and compatibility lab. This led to his current position with Ashland Water Technologies' microbiological control applications team and product launch team.