Cellulose Nanomaterial Commercialization: an End User Perspective

Presenter: Jack Miller, Market-Intell LLC

October 24, 2016

Nanocellulose is evolving from lab scale to pilot scale to commercial scale as new ventures have started up pilot or demonstration plants and are working with customers to develop markets and applications. 


For successful commercialization, there must be customers and customers will require a sound value proposition and business case. End users will want to understand the state of the industry, the status of various producers, and the timetable for commercial scale production. They also want to have insight into the state of R&D. At the same time, producers need to understand the concerns of their potential customers, i.e., the end-users. 


Producers and users of nanocellulose alike will benefit from this seminar which will address the challenges to commercialization on the producer side as well as concerns that must be addressed to advance adoption of nanocellulose from the end user side. We will update the state of the industry, with profiles of leading producers, and review the status of commercialization and progress against the well-known challenges. 

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