How to Use Rheology to Characterize and Formulate Nanofiber Based Materials

This webinar is presented by Ioan Marcu, Lubrizol and brought to you by the NET Division

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Presenter: Yaman Boluk, University of Alberta

Cellulose based nanomaterials whether cellulose nanocrystals (CNC) or cellulose nanofibrils (CNF) are most commonly used by incorporating into a continuous media. Rheological properties of those suspensions are used for two purposes:

  1. As an analytical tool to characterize CNC, CNF and their interactions with solvent media;
  2. To predict the processability and performance characteristics of CNc and CNF based material. This course review rheological test methods and typical characteristics of CNC and CNF suspensions. Steady shear, oscillation, creep and stress relaxation methods will be discussed. Effects of CNC, CNF concentration, their interactions with solvents, polymers, surfactants and other colloidal matter and flocculation, dispersion will be discussed. CNC and CNF in composites, drilling fluids and paints will be discussed as examples.