Improving Winder Safety

The batch process occurring at the winder represents one of highest potential areas of danger in the mill for operators and maintenance personnel. Speeds and technology continue to increase. Regulations are changing (e.g. EN ISO 13849 machinery standards). How safe is safe enough? Will a safety upgrade reduce overall throughput? Will automating some winder functions both improve safety and productivity? How much downtime will be required? These and more questions will be answered in this webinar. Included in the discussion will be guards, fencing, E-stops, electrical and fluid control improvements, mechanical holding devices, threading and splicing modifications and automation.


About the Presenters:

Tom has worked in the finishing equipment manufacturing and rebuilds area for three decades. His knowledge of winders, winder controls and the current state-of-the-art capabilities of modern winders is second to none in the industry. Tom has been closely involved with the specification and application of safety-related rebuilds to several North American pulp and paper producers.

Lee has been involved with controls and automation of finishing equipment for over 30 years - starting with hardware and software design and eventually leading to management of a team of design engineers. Most recently, Lee has concentrated on improving product safety by targeted rebuilds of existing finishing equipment, including multiple winder upgrades.

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