Microbial Control Protecting Mineral Slurries and Papermaking Additives from Spoilage


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Microbial Control: Protecting Mineral Slurries and Papermaking Additives from Spoilage

Sherrill is a Senior Research Scientist in the Microbiology Group of Kemira Chemicals for the Americas. She has been with Kemira and heritage Vinings Industries for 25 years. She has a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Master’s of Science in Microbiology Studies from Georgia State University. She worked with the USDA on a Brucellosis eradication program while working on her Masters on crude oil degradation by Acanthamoeba polyphaga.

At Kemira, she began working in Pulp and Paper excusively testing biocides for paper mill applications but soon moved into preservation with Kemira’s Additives Division as Microbiology Group Leader for a variety of industrial markets. These included pulp and paper coating/raw materials, mined and white pigment slurries, latex, cooked and uncooked starch, defoamers, colloidal silica, optical brighteners, polymers, carpet backing and wet lap. In addition, she has taken responsibility for regulatory microbiological testing for Kemira biocides in the US including cooling towers and oilfield applications. She provides management over biocide techni¬cal service activities, including customer site visits, audits and troubleshooting/resolution of industrial issues. Sherrill is a recognized expert in biocides and preservation chemistry, leveraging strong communication and experience to provide preservation programs for industrial applications.

She is an active member of many organizations including TAPPI, the American Society for Microbiology, and the Society of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology.