Microbially Influenced Corrosion

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Dr. Sandy Sharp is an independent consultant with degrees in metallurgy, corrosion and chemistry and four decades of experience solving corrosion problems. For 22 years he led a corrosion control group within a pulp and paper company to plan, manage and implement corrosion control efforts to increase the profitability and safety of mill operations. Sandy’s group was selected for a national study of best practices in the delivery of in-house materials engineering services.

He has published 60 papers in technical journals and is an award-winning instructor of TAPPI courses. He recently developed a new 24-hour modular course on Controlling Corrosion in Pulp and Paper Mills which he has been giving at mill sites. He is a TAPPI Fellow, was the first NACE Fellow from the paper industry and has received 12 other national and international awards plus 7 other awards for meritorious service in corrosion control.