Nanotechnology in Fibrous Materials: 101

Description: Nanotechnology in Fibrous Materials: 101

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Nanotechnology has practical and commercial applications in technical textiles particularly in the area of functional finishing and defense. This presentation will provide an overview of the field and discuss new applications that have evolved in connection with developing nonwoven fibrous materials, performance clothing and protective textiles. The environment and health impacts of nanotechnology and science will also be examined. It is important for the nonwovens and technical industry to understand the health and environmental aspects of nanoscience and technology as it may influence future products in the market place.

About the Presenter: Maureen Nunn is the President of Pennsylvania Chemical Consultants. The last 5 years she has the primary point of contact for Dow Chemical North America in the Textile Nonwoven’s area. She has 20 plus years of experience in product development including automotive topcoat coatings, paper chemicals, polymers and coagulants for waste water treatment, electronics, and adhesives. She is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with a graduate degree from Georgetown. She has six patents, 3 patent applications, and has given numerous industry presentations. She is currently the Chairman of the TAPPI NET Steering Committee and last year was the winner of the TAPPI NET Leadership award for the division.