Paper Solutions for Food Packaging Webinar

Folia Materials’s patented nano-metal coating technology transforms paper into an advanced material platform capable of replacing billions of plastic products in food packaging, water, and air filtration. Our process and materials are drop-in-ready solutions for existing manufacturing value chains. Our green chemistry coating process synthesizes silver nanoparticles bonded to paper using commodity inputs and standard industrial coating machinery.

Who Should Attend: 

Job Titles:

  • New Product Development  
  • Innovation: Chemicals, Coatings
  • Packaging Innovation
  • Food paper/packaging: Marketing and Sales  

Types of Companies

  • Paper chemical OEMs
  • Paper OEMs with food paper Grades  
  • Food packaging OEMs


Speaker: Jonathan Levine, PhD

Jonathan Levine, PhD, is the CEO and co-founder of Folia Materials, located in suburban Boston.  As CEO, I've taken Folia from idea to a Seed stage company, with industrial manufacturing and Fortune 100 clients.

Folia’s patented coating technology transforms paper into an advanced material platform capable of replacing billions of plastic products. Our paper-not-plastic microwave susceptor food packaging crisps food and controls moisture to improve food quality, outperforming plastic susceptors. Our coating is a drop-in solution for national-scale manufacturing partners supplying packaging for frozen food brands, restaurants, and food service.

Folia’s original use case has been spun off as subsidiary Folia Water Global, which sells a 20 cent-20-liter paper water filter through grocery retail. FWG’s antimicrobial paper water filter is packaged like a coffee filter and sold at grocery pricing through local retail stores to low-income households. FWG is on sale in 2,500 stores in Bangladesh, selling B2B through consumer goods grocery brands and distributors. Our innovative approach aims to directly reach 500 million of the 2.1 billion people without access to clean drinking water.

I have a Columbia PhD in Earth and Environmental Engineering and was a Department of Energy scientist, with ~20 publications. Before Folia Materials, I worked on global environmental problems: drinking water in Africa, grid-scale thermal energy storage, billion-tonne disposal of carbon dioxide *under* deep oceans, national-scale CO2 disposal, methane emissions, and deep-sea oil/gas blowouts like Deepwater Horizon.