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Tuesday 09/21 To Thursday 09/23

Papermachine Operations Course-Atlanta, Georgia, open

This introductory course is designed to help you build confidence and knowledge of overall paper machine operations. Gain an understanding of the mechanical components and operations of the paper machine that affect the structure and quality of paper, learn to identify design and operation features, and discover methods to improve paper machine efficiency and product quality.
Friday 10/01 To Sunday 10/31

International Chemical Recovery Conference 2021-Hotel Balneario Park Santos, SP Brazil, open

Organizer: ABTCP Co-sponsor TAPPI
Saturday 10/02 To Sunday 10/03

Tissue 201: Operations and Runnability-Co-located with TAPPICon in Atlanta, GA, open

Saturday 10/02 To Sunday 10/03

Tissue 201: Operations and Runnability Course -Co-located with TAPPICon in Atlanta, GA, open

Saturday 10/02 To Sunday 10/03

Advanced Coating Materials and Operations Course-TAPPICon in Atlanta, GA, open

This course is designed to provide a holistic understanding of coating materials, processes, and applications while discussing recent advances and trends in functional packaging, barrier materials, and curtain coating from the leading professionals in the field.
Sunday 10/03 To Wednesday 10/06

TAPPICon Live-Atlanta, GA, open

TAPPICon LIVE will be held in Atlanta, GA. This in-person events includes a full comprehensive technical program addressing key topics about Coating & Graphic Arts, Nonwovens, Papermaking, Papermaking Additives, Papermaking Fundamentals, PIMA Management, Process Control, Maintenance & Reliability, Recycled Paperboard (RPTA) and Tissue. TAPPICon LIVE! also includes multiple networking events and a full exhibit floor allowing you to meet face-to-face with industry peers.
Monday 10/04 To Friday 10/08

Interactive Distance Workshop for Pulp and Paper Basics - October-Interactive Distance Workshop delivered by Zoom, open

An introduction level workshop, designed for both technical and non-technical individuals that seek a laboratory-focused course to better understand and appreciate the basics of pulping, bleaching, recovery, recycling, papermaking and converting operations. An excellent opportunity to educate operators, technicians, sales and service staff! Bring them up-to-speed on the basics of the industry, give them a wider scope of knowledge and help them do their jobs more effectively.
Monday 10/04 To Wednesday 10/06

Advanced Coating Symposium-TBD, open

Sunday 10/17 To Wednesday 10/20

PPSA 77th Annual Safety and Health Conference-St. Petersburg, FL, open

Where industry professionals will gather together to the learn the latest updates, share strategies, and discover innovations in workplace safety!
Monday 10/18 To Wednesday 10/20

European PLACE-Bratislava, Slovakia, open

IDCON Work Management Planning and Scheduling

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

This two-day course presented through a TAPPI partnership with IDCON teaches you best practices in efficiencies from job responsibilities to how to prepare work orders that support manufacturing reliability and maintenance.
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Tissue 101: Properties and Processes Course - Virtual

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

TAPPI's Tissue 101: Properties and Processes Course is structured to provide participants with a solid understanding of tissue properties and how they are impacted by manufacturing processes, helping them to effectively achieve production goals and objectives.
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IDCON Root Cause Problem Elimination

Tuesday, June 08, 2021

This two-day course presented through a TAPPI partnership is designed to offer a structured approach to problem elimination while learning a documentation method and implementation strategies for your organization. IDCON's Root Cause Problem Elimination™ training focuses on eliminating problems, not just analyzing them.
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