Papermachine Operations Course

Neenah, WI
Tuesday, May 12, 2020 to Thursday, May 14, 2020

This introductory course is designed to help you build confidence and knowledge of overall paper machine operations. Gain an understanding of the mechanical components and operations of the paper machine that affect the structure and quality of paper, learn to identify design and operation features, and discover methods to improve paper machine efficiency and product quality.

This event has been postponed from May 2020 due to coronavirus response. A new date will be determined soon.

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Sharpen your knowledge in the overall operation of the complex papermachine.

The TAPPI Papermachine Operations Course offers unbiased, peer-reviewed content delivered by top-level faculty with exceptional credentials. Instructors emphasize that you'll find the cost of this training delivers far more value in paper machine efficiency and performance.

Papermachines throughout the industry are undergoing conversions to new products. Operators and engineers may find they have new duties. You may just want to gain a greater perspective of the processes to discover what the papermachine is capable of doing and what new products can be achieved.

This introductory to intermediate-level content will help you build confidence and knowledge, gain skills needed to troubleshoot operational problems, improve operations and influence product outcomes.

You will learn:

  • How the mechanical components and operations of the papermachine affect the structure of paper and quality
  • The design and operating features of the papermachine that affect performance
  • Ways to improve papermachine efficiency and product quality based on a new understanding of the overall operation

You'll get to take back with you copies of the slide presentations, diagrams and other visuals from this course so that you can reference all of the comprehensive content back at your facility.

This course is ideal for:

  • Papermachine Operators
  • Technicians
  • Process Engineers
  • Product Development Engineers
  • Service Technicians
  • Engineers from Clothing, Chemical and Suppliers
  • Suppliers and Consultants
  • Young Professionals
  • Sales Representatives

This introductory to intermediate-level content is applicable to individuals with minimal experience around a paper machine, as well as operators who have considerable hands-on operational experience.

logoEarn 2.0 CEUs
The Education Project Center of TAPPI has been reviewed and approved as an Authorized Provider by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET), 11130 Sunrise Valley Dr, #350, Reston, VA 20191. TAPPI will award 2.0 CEUs to participants who attend at least 80% of the educational sessions and complete a final program evaluation.

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A Past Participant Said:

"I now have a better understanding of what equipment is present, the function and purpose of the equipment, and how to make adjustments."

~ Process Engineer

Meet the instructors who have been described as "excellent" in course evaluations.

Jim Atkins
Course Chair, Atkins, Inc.
[email protected]

Jim Atkins graduated from University of North Carolina in 1968 with a Bachelor's degree in chemistry. He worked for International Paper Company first in product research and then in a paper machine diagnostic group. In 1984 he joined James River as Manager of Flat Paper Manufacturing. Subsequently, he was mill manager at the James River Riegel Products Milford, NJ mill and then Manager of Engineering for the Custom Products Division. In 1989 he joined A&F Corporation, a paper machinery manufacturer, as President. In 1991 he became a consultant to the paper industry specialized in paper machine operation and training. Atkins, Inc. is a provider of TAPPI Company Classroom training in the area of the paper mill. Atkins has also written, directed, and produced several TAPPI CBT training courses including Making Pulp and Paper and Practical Papermaking. He is Chairman of the TAPPI Paper Machine Operations Course, and the TAPPI Improving Paper Machine Performance Course.

Ellen Gibbs
Albany International

Ellen Gibbs has a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry and Masters in Education from Boston University. She has been the Technical Director for Americas Press Fabrics for five years. Prior to that, she spent most of her career with Albany in Press Fabric Applications for Publication, Tissue, Board and Pulp Grades. She also spent time in Manufacturing, R&D and was the Manager of the Product Engineering Group in Albany.

Kevin Kroon
Albany International

Kevin Kroon has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Michigan Technological University in 1997. During his first 11 years in the paper industry, he held various positions at the Kimberly Mill in Kimberly, WI from Process Engineer, Shift Supervision, Coating/Calender Superintendent, and Paper Machine Superintendent. He has experience with commissioning of a multi-million dollar rebuild with a dilution headbox, shoe press, and pre-coating. Most recently, he has been with Albany International for the past 4.5 years in Applications covering all product grades primarily in Publication grades. His current position is Product Manager in Fine Paper Publication Grades.

John Lucius
Albany International

John has been involved with the Pulp and Paper industry for more than 30 years. He is currently the Director of Dryer Fabric Applications for Albany's Americas Corridor, which includes a land mass stretching from Canada to the Southern Tip of South America. Prior to that, he was responsible for Dryer Fabric Applications for the Southern United States. He has been responsible for Forming, Press, & Dryer Fabric sales and service for many years, and provided Vibration and Pulsation Analysis Support as part of a larger Audit Team Capacity for two different Paper Machine Clothing Suppliers since 1994. Time spent in the Field of Predictive Preventative Maintenance has provided an excellent opportunity to get up close and personal with every form of equipment involved in the paper making process. His many years of travel have afforded the opportunity to view hundreds of differently configured machines, producing a vast array of paper grades.

A Past Participant Said:

"This course was great for me as a new engineer in the machine room. Learning the best practices for optimal operations so that I can compare our operation to look for low-hanging fruit."  

Machine Operations Engineer

Earn 2.0 in three efficiently planned days of instruction.

2020 Course Schedule:

DAY ONE - Tuesday, May 12

Session 1

8:00 am - Introduction to Papermachine Operations

8:30 am - Wood Fiber & Paper Structure

10:30 am - Stock Prep Overview

12:00 pm - Lunch

Session 2

1:00 pm - Stock Approach System Design

2:30 pm - Design and Operation of Headboxes

4:30 pm - Session Ends

DAY TWO - Wednesday, May 13

Session 3

8:00 am - The Fourdrinier and Sheet Forming

9:45 am - Forming Fabric Design and Forming Section Operation

12:00 pm - Lunch

Session 4

1:00 pm - Fundamentals of Pressing

2:30 pm - Pressing Fabric Design for Modern Papermachines

4:30 pm - Session Ends

DAY THREE - Thursday, May 14

Session 5

8:00 am - Principals of Drying and Dryer Section Design

9:45 am - Dryer Fabric Design and Dryer Section Operation

12:00 pm - Lunch

Session 6

1:00 pm - Introduction to Papermachine Problem Solving

4:30 pm - Course Ends

A Past Participant Said:

"This training was well organized. Knowledgeable, well experienced presenters."

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TAPPI Papermachine Operations

May 12-14, 2020


Course Venue:

Miron Construction
1471 McMahon Drive
Neenah, Wisconsin, USA 54956

Suggested Hotel Options:

Holiday Inn Appleton
150 S Nicolet Road
Appleton, WI 54914

Best Western Premier Bridgewood Resort Hotel
1000 Cameron Way
Neenah, WI 54956

DoubleTree by Hilton - Riverwalk Hotel - Downtown Neenah
123 E Wisconsin Avenue
Neenah, WI 54956

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A Past Participant Said:

"I enjoyed the visual learning with the use of pictures, diagrams and videos, which contribute greatly to understanding."

~ Process Engineer

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Training Standard for Paper Machine Tender; Standard Guideline T 1501 sg-11
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A Past Participant Said:

"I can now review machine supplier bids and evaluate the scope of rebuilds and upgrades to achieve project goals."

~ Process Engineer

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