Division Awards - Paper and Board

Congratulations to TAPPI's
2022 Paper and Board Division Award Winners


Division Leadership and Service Award and Oscar May Prize

Gary Nyman
SME-Innovative Solutions at International Paper

Gary Nyman is an SME-Innovative Solutions at International Paper and has worked in the industry for 37 years, 34 of those years with International Paper. His experiences in the industry includes both technical support and production management roles at multiple locations around the world. Gary has also been involved in several new or rebuilt paper machine capital projects and the related startup efforts. Gary is a TAPPI Fellow and a member of Couch Pit University. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Division Technical Award and Harris O. Ware Prize

Martin Hubbe
Professor, North Carolina State University

Martin Hubbe teaches and conducts research related to chemical additives for the paper manufacturing process. His education includes a B.A. in Chemistry (Colby College), an M.S. in Paper Technology (Inst. of Paper Chemistry), and a Ph.D. in colloidal chemistry (Clarkson University). His industrial work has focused on alkaline sizing (American Cyanamid, 1983-1986) and paper product development (International Paper, 1986-1998). At North Carolina State University his research involves papermaking chemistry and colloidal science. He also directs the department’s distance education program and co-edits BioResources, a peer-reviewed, online journal devoted to papermaking and other uses of lignocellulosic materials.


Best Papermaking Technology Paper and Jasper Mardon Memorial Prize

Jake Zwart
Owner, Spectrum Technologies

Jake Zwart, owner of Spectrum Technologies, specializes in bringing advanced vibration test techniques into the pulp and paper industry. He combines advanced vibration knowledge with intimate process knowledge to obtain maximum value for his clients. Jake has utilized standard and advanced pressure pulsation and vibration test techniques for process uniformity and smooth-running machines. With an MASc in Mechanical Engineering and as a Professional Engineer, the first 10 years of his career were in R&D for a large newsprint company. Since then, he has been with Spectrum Technologies developing specialized tools and advanced algorithms to aid in consulting.