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At all TAPPI face-to-face events, we will implement the health and safety practices as issued by state and local authorities including the venue and the CDC. We recommend that you are fully vaccinated for COVID-19 or have a negative test within 3 days of attending an event. We will require face coverings while indoors and maintain social distancing when possible. We will continue to provide updates on any changes as they become available.


Specialty Papers Europe – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Tuesday, September 6th to Wednesday, September 7th | Full Agenda |

Specialty Papers Europe is the leading conference in Europe dedicated to the specialty paper and packaging industry. Providing the latest updates on advancements and trends influencing specialty paper and packaging today, delegates come to the event to share knowledge and ideas, as well as network with high-level players from across the supply chain.

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ASPI Fall Meeting – Memphis, TN
Wednesday, September 7th to Friday, September 9th | Full Calendar |

Hosted by International Paper, the thirteenth annual ASPI Fall Customer Alignment meeting will be held in Memphis, Tennessee on September 7th - 9th, 2022 at the Peabody Hotel. Every fall, the ASPI Customer Alignment meeting is hosted by a leading pulp, paper, or packaging company giving attendees the rare chance to network with their customers’ senior executives. The meeting traditionally includes breakout sessions and panel presentations.

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Effective Methods to Maximize Diecutting Productivity – San Antonio, TX (Co-located with Corrugated Week 2022)
Monday, September 19th to Wednesday, September 21st | Course Schedule |

This comprehensive one-day course will enable students to better comprehend why equipment differences, general maintenance needs, and subtle structural design differences influence  quality and profitability for corrugated converters.  Attendees will gain a much better understanding of machine limitations on all sorts of flatbed and rotary diecutters. They will have a deeper awareness of how establishing a tool readiness program increases uptime and reduces waste.

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Corrugated Week 2022 – San Antonio, TX
Monday, September 19th to Wednesday, September 21st | Schedule of Events |

There are exciting things in store for attendees at Corrugated Week 2022. This “Texas-Sized” event offers two courses, panels and trending industry topic discussions, including:

  • Supply Chain Disruption
  • AI/Robotics/Automation
  • Employee Recruitment/Retention
  • Doing More with Less
  • Digital Print Panel

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Improving Cross Direction Mapping – Webinar (Free)
Wednesday, September 7th
| 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM ET |

The Cross Direction (CD) Mapping Common Interest Group (CIG) of the Process Control Division has develop a tool to determine the mapping of CD actuators to the profile. This spreadsheet takes the output of a bump test (or other method) to develop both the best linear fit and 3rd order fit mapping models. In addition, comparison is made to the current map-in-use and a reference map (such as the previous map) while Mapping Performance Indices (MPIs) are provided to measure the accuracy of each map. This paper focuses on practical uses of this tool and its use with various actuator types such as slice, dilution, water spray, steam box and induction profilers. Examples are used to show when a map needs to be changed and how to determine if linear mapping is sufficient or if nonlinear mapping should be implemented.

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SCOPE: How to establish and control a successful project – Webinar (Free)
Tuesday, September 13th
| 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM ET |

In this webinar you will learn how to manage your projects BUDGET, SCHEDULE and EXPECTATIONS. Discover and overcome the most common reasons the scope of a project can, and does, change. Discussions include actual experiences both within the paper industry and in personal experiences.

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How to Specify Spray Showers and Spray Nozzles to Maximize Productivity – Webinar (Free)
Wednesday, September 14th
| 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM ET |

Learn how to choose showers and nozzles for your machines that will cut maintenance time, maximize uptime, and reduce costs. The Paper Industry experts from Spraying Systems Co. will provide insight and guidance on how to specify showers and nozzles for the wet end to the dry end of your machines with an emphasis on paper/tissue quality improvements, reduced maintenance time and cost-savings. A wide range of showers will be discussed including manual brush showers, automatic brush showers, oscillating showers, pipe-in-pipe showers and more.

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Sponsored By: Spraying Systems Co.

The Promise of AI Versus the Reality of AI Today – Webinar (Free)
Thursday, September 29th
| 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM ET |

Widespread digital transformations are revolutionizing industrial manufacturing and processing environments, including the pulp and paper industry. Leading the charge are artificial intelligence (AI) powered applications, which are emerging across industry types and production processes. The intended result? Intelligent and autonomous operations that reduce costs while boosting safety and asset reliability.

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Events to come in 2022
These events are just around the corner!

Specialty Papers US

Milwaukee, Wisconsin & Online (open)
Tuesday 10/4 - Thursday 10/6
Various Times

The Specialty Papers US Conference focuses on the specialty paper and packaging industry. Register to attend now, and learn the latest on emerging technologies, paper chemistries, sustainability and processing innovations and advancements, plus trends that are influencing specialty paper and packaging today. Share knowledge and ideas, as well as network with high-level players from across the supply chain. This event is co-sponsored by TAPPI.

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European PLACE
Bratislava, Slovakia (open)
Monday 10/10 - Wednesday 10/12
Various Times

The European PLACE Conference is the only event of its kind in Europe that focuses on Polymers, Laminations, Adhesives, Coatings and Extrusion. Speakers include not only experts from the industry, but many leaders from universities. Focusing on the theme, “Making Packaging as Functional and Simple as Possible, but not Simpler,” the program will emphasize the latest trends and technologies related to extrusion coating and lamination of web-based materials and applications, as well the general public’s attitude on packaging. Learn More

Fiberglass Mat Technology Committee Meeting

Atlanta, Georgia (open)
Monday 10/24 - Thursday 10/27
Various Times

The event topics include belt/wire cleaning, target formation, new technology, safety and mat quality.

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International Bioproducts and Bioenergy Conference (IBBC)

Providence, Rhode Island (open)
Sunday 10/30 - Wednesday 11/2
Various Times

IBBC offers attendees a comprehensive technical program focused on critical issues associated with biomass. Developed by industry professionals, IBBC peer-reviewed sessions are expert-led and include high-level discussion on key topics critical in today's current climate.

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Pulping, Engineering, Environmental, Recycling and Sustainability (PEERS)

Providence, Rhode Island (open)
Sunday 10/30 - Wednesday 11/2
Various Times

PEERS offers CEOs, mill managers, superintendents, scientists, process engineers, and suppliers a comprehensive technical program focused on key operational issues.

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YDSRC Fall Meeting

Miron Construction, Neenah, Wisconsin (open)
Tuesday 11/1 - Wednesday 11/2
Time TBD

This upcoming fall meeting brings togehter an active group of yankee dryer owner/users and service providers who have engaged to reduce delay that causes low productivity and negatively impacts dryer safety and overall business results. The committee's goal is to develop standard practices and visual standards for problems which cause drying system delay and compromise safety across the tissue industry.

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