CEO of CESMII – The Smart Manufacturing Institute to Keynote at TAPPICon 2023

John Dyck, Chief Executive Officer of CESMII – The Smart Manufacturing Institute, will be the keynote speaker at TAPPICon 2023. During his presentation, “The Urgent need to Accelerate the Adoption of Smart Manufacturing in the US,” Dyck addresses the importance of democratizing Smart Manufacturing (SM) innovation, not only with technology but also by providing wide access to the knowledge required to implement the strategies and leverage the solutions and insights in a more digitally enabled manufacturing ecosystem. Plan on attending his keynote on Monday, April 24 and leave with actionable strategies for your mill or organization.

About John Dyck
John Dyck was appointed CEO of CESMII - The Smart Manufacturing Institute, in June of 2018. He brings a highly pragmatic perspective to CESMII, and a crisp focus on outcomes that will benefit the Nation’s energy and economic security by sharing existing resources and co-investing to accelerate development and commercial deployment of innovative technologies. He was recognized by the Society of Manufacturing Engineering (SME) in 2020 as one of ‘30 Leaders Transforming Manufacturing in the USA.’

Prior to joining CESMII, Dyck held senior leadership positions in large corporations like GE and Rockwell Automation, and was effective in raising VC funding and building a successful software startup called Activplant.

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About CESMII – The Smart Institute
CESMII is a Manufacturing USA Institute chartered with transforming the U.S. manufacturing market and increasing global competitiveness through the democratization of Smart Manufacturing (SM) technologies, knowledge, and business practices.

CESMII brings together technology, solutions, skills, practice, and knowledge to break down barriers to progress, making the power of information and innovation accessible to all who touch manufacturing. Regardless of an organization’s size, industry sector or experience, CESMII helps ensure that people and systems create value in and across manufacturing operations on a national scale.

TAPPICon 2023
TAPPICon 2023, April 22-26 in Atlanta, GA, brings together mills and other professionals from key industry segments into one interactive event. This global conference focuses on critical areas impacting paper, tissue, reliability & maintenance and recycled paperboard. Discussions also focus on key topics affecting women and young professionals in the industry.

Developed for all levels of the mill from management to operations, TAPPICon’s comprehensive program includes eight topic-specific tracks: papermaking technology & operations, papermaking fundamentals, papermaking additives, tissue, coating & graphic arts, management, process control, and recycled paperboard. With the theme, Three Rings of Success: Vision • Technology • Action, TAPPICon offers tangible solutions focused on helping mills operate more efficiently and effectively through the application of new processes, procedures and/or technologies.

Mills can also take advantage of TAPPICon’s new Mill Bundle opportunity which allows mills to send a different employee each day for one low rate. This allows each employee to focus on topics that best relate to his or her job, including the Wednesday morning Mill Maintenance Knowledge Exchange session which focuses on tips and practical solutions for those managing equipment and other important functions on the mill floor.

Mills and other professionals should register by March 24th to receive an early bird discount. For more information about TAPPICon 2023, please visit