TAPPICon 2023 Opens Registration

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On April 22-26, mill employees and other industry professionals from around the world will gather in Atlanta, GA to attend TAPPICon 2023. Over five days, leaders from key industry segments including paper, tissue, reliability & maintenance, recycled paperboard and women in industry will discuss critical issues facing mills today. Discussions will also focus on new advancements/technologies, industry trends, and potential strategies for future success. Among many “firsts” for this year’s Conference, the event will also offer a morning dedicated to hands-on, maintenance-focused techniques designed to send mill employees back to work with practical tips that can be applied immediately.

Comprehensive Program
Developed by technical experts and business leaders in the industry, TAPPICon’s comprehensive technical program includes eight topic-specific tracks: papermaking technology & operations, papermaking fundamentals, papermaking additives, tissue, coating & graphic arts, management, process control, and recycled paperboard. With the theme, Three Rings of Success: Vision • Technology • Action, TAPPICon offers tangible solutions focused on helping mills operation more efficiently and effectively through the application of new processes, procecures and/or technologies.

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2023 Highlights
In addition to the technical sessions, TAPPICon features other learning opportunities, networking events and exhibits. Key highlights include:

Mills and other professionals eager to be part of this global discussion should register by March 24th to receive an early bird discount. Mills receive special discounts for sending multiple people or teams. Mills can also take advantage of TAPPICon’s new Mill Bundle opportunity which allows mills to send a different employee each day for one low rate, allowing each employee to focus on topics that best relate to his or her job.

For more information about TAPPICon 2023, please visit TAPPICon.org.