Lokendra Pal to Keynote TAPPI’s 16th Advanced Coating Symposium

TAPPI has announced that Dr. Lokendra Pal, the EJ Woody Rice Professor and University Faculty Scholar of Paper Science and Engineering at NC State University, will be the keynote speaker at TAPPI's 16th Advanced Coating Symposium (ACS), held on April 28, 2024, in Cleveland, Ohio.

Dr. Pal brings over 23 years of global experience in research and technological advancement of bio-based materials. His professional journey includes extensive collaboration with industrial partners worldwide, and has authored 70 peer-reviewed publications and co-invented 48 patents, showcasing his innovative contributions to the field.

Pal’s keynote, titled "Translating Scientific Knowledge into Practical Industrial Applications: Scaling Up and Scaling Down Trials," delves into the pivotal shift from plastic to paper-based products and how this transition offers vast opportunities for the paper industry and sustainable bioeconomy. During his presentation, he will address the importance of achieving optimal barrier performance, which is crucial for ensuring product protection, shelf-life, and sustainability.

Attendees at ACS will experience an interactive presentation offering a comprehensive overview of current and emerging technologies aimed at optimizing the design of base paper, coating materials, characterization, and processes to improve barrier and surface properties. They will also gain insight on critical considerations in design, development, and manufacturing for bio-based packaging. This includes strategies to minimize byproducts and waste, enhance reusability, recyclability, and biodegradability, and evaluate various end-of-life scenarios to gauge their impact on the overall sustainability of product/package systems.

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Advanced Coating Symposium (ACS)
ACS serves as a platform for industry experts, researchers, and professionals to discuss and explore the latest advancements in coating technology. Held in conjunction with TAPPICon 2024, the event will take place at the Hilton Hotel in Cleveland and features expert-led presentations delivered within three sessions:  Unique Coating Considerations, Barrier Coating Concepts, and Important Barrier Coating Considerations. Attendees can also enjoy meeting new and old business contacts during the Symposium luncheon and the popular Hagemeyer Happy Hour.

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For more information and to register, visit the ACS website. A special discount is given to attendees who register for both ACS and TAPPICon.