Transforming Papermaking Through AI

In an era where industries are increasingly turning to advanced technologies for optimization, the papermaking sector stands at the forefront of a revolutionary change. The shift from descriptive to prescriptive analytics, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), has become a game-changer. Mills can leverage AI to move from merely describing data to prescribing actionable insights. By using AI and predictive analytics, mills can use real-time measurements and feedback to optimize production quality and improve machine efficiency

Matthew Callicott of Solenis will present "Moving from Descriptive to Prescriptive Analytics Using AI: Success Stories in Papermaking” as part of the Papermaking Additives track at TAPPICon 2024. Attendees will learn how AI can be used in papermaking operations, how it can be used to inform control decisions, and what its potential benefits are. They will gain insight on how AI enables predictive analytics by providing real-time understanding of indicators such as speed changes, kappa swings, and chemistry changes. Attendees will also hear a case study from a large paper mill that implemented this approach.

Papermaking Additives
The Papermaking Additives track delves into the latest advancements and challenges in enhancing the papermaking process through various additives. This track consists of seven sessions, each offering a deep dive into critical aspects of the industry.

  • Advances in Additive Technology
  • AI Approaches for Additive Control
  • Dry Strength Fundamentals Tutorial
  • Non-wood Pulping and Fiber Modification
  • Deposit Control
  • Flocculations and Consolidation
  • Molded Fiber Topics


TAPPICon 2024, the leading technical conference for the paper industry, is set to rock the city of Cleveland, Ohio on April 28 - May 1. With the theme "Rock the Roll! Unleashing the Harmonies of the Paper Industry," the conference promises to be a harmonious blend of innovation, technology, and industry expertise.

TAPPICon offers eight tracks focused on key areas of the mill including Papermaking Additives; Papermaking Fundamentals; Papermaking Technology & Operations; Coating, Printing and Surface Enhancement; Management (PIMA); Process Control; Recycled Paperboard (RPTA); and Tissue. The program also addresses topics affecting Women in Industry (WIN) and Young Professionals (YP).

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