PPSA Hosting Free Webinar Series on the Principles of Human & Organizational Performance (HOP)

PPSA invites you to a four-part webinar series on Human & Organizational Performance (HOP), an operational philosophy that provides a new way of looking at work, people, and the systems in which people get work done. HOP recognizes that people make mistakes, and we need to design systems that respond to these mistakes and prevent injuries.

Traditionally, we see mistakes and people as problems that need to be fixed. We investigate incidents to find out who is to blame and develop a plan to stop it from happening again. HOP focuses on learning from the people and teams doing the work and creating an environment where people can make mistakes safely.

The series includes:

The webinars are free, bur registration is required.

Meet the Presenters

Linda Bruce is the Human + Organizational Performance (HOP) Lead for WestRock, responsible for the company’s enterprise-wide HOP initiatives for the last several years. She has 28 years working in Health and Safety at WestRock.  Prior to joining the company, Bruce was a nurse in the U.S. Navy. Through her experience in Health and Safety, she has witnessed many significant injuries where traditional investigations have led her team to fixing people instead of improving our systems.  Seeing HOP in action opened her eyes to a new way of looking at safety by understanding the context that leads up to each event and using it to improve systems where humans can be humans without suffering catastrophic failure. 

A longtime, active member of PPSA, Matt Kanneberg has had a 30-plus year career within the pulp and paper industry. He is currently serving as the Director of Medical, Ergonomics and Home Office Health and Safety for WestRock. In his early career, Kanneberg worked as an active Emergency Medical Technician and Fire/Rescue Technician. He also served as Disaster Chairman for an American Red Cross chapter and as PPSA Board Chairman from 2015-2016.